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No One Spikes These Stories

How Substack became home to big-name journalists who felt “the Youngs” in newsrooms were putting wokeness ahead of important ideas

Vice Gets Squeezed

Shane Smith convinced Rupert Murdoch and Disney that his company was, as the kids say, the sh!t. Until it wasn’t. How did Vice blow it—and trash billions in valuation?

La Dolce Vita dei Media

Is Gianni Agnelli’s grandson taking a page from Jeff Bezos?

Bad Blood and Big Money

A trial in London shows bankers in the worst possible light

Money Talks, Bullshit Squawks

A former Deutsche Bank rookie tries to make sense of the business babble on the 44th floor

How to Charm the Chinese

They are “natural capitalists” who like people who are appreciative of them. Everything our president doesn’t do

Why WeWork WeTanked

It is arguably the greatest business flameout of the past decade. How did a company lose $20 billion in valuation in four weeks?