This should be Vice’s moment. We have a narcissistic fabulist in the White House. There’s rioting in the streets. The nation is the world leader in coronavirus. The country is mired in a deep recession. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. The Black Lives Matter movement has never been more potent. California and Oregon are burning up. And there is a presidential election coming up in a matter of days that may or may not determine the fate of the world’s oldest democracy. If ever there were a confluence of momentous events that screamed, “This moment is made for Vice Media!,” in all its edgy millennial-ness, this would be it.

And yet, what is the most popular show on Vice TV? Why, it’s Dark Side of the Ring, a docuseries about seminal moments in the history of pro wrestling. The Season Two finale, aired May 19, analyzed the bizarre death of Owen Hart, who fell 80 feet inside a wrestling ring. The episode got the biggest audience yet—626,000 viewers, including 390,000 of desired 18–49 types.