Dan White has become New York’s house magician. From guesting on The Tonight Show to his five-year sold-out run at the NoMad hotel, the three-piece-suit-wearing urbane illusionist puts the dapper in abracadabra. His conjuring skills have seen him consult on movies and tour with Kanye West as a creative consultant on his “Yeezy” tour. Now The Magician, his intimate show of mentalism, card tricks, and magical whatnot, is back for a limited engagement at Fotografiska. But what would this master of manipulation most like to make disappear? —George Pendle

Least favorite number? Twenty-six. There’s an effect I do in my show that if the person picks this number, then I immediately know they are going to be a challenging audience member. Not screw-up-the-show difficult, just that they could roll that way if I let them.

Least favorite color?
The yellow color of old plastic that used to be white or gray.

Preferred deadly sin? Gluttony. You can always perform an immediate act of penance with a good workout.

Least favorite form of transportation? Boats. I wish I could love them, but I get seasick too quickly. Trains are magic.

Least favorite item of clothing? Slippers. Most people see warm, cozy, soft house shoes. I see hot, sweaty fur sacks.

Film you walked out of? I’ve never walked out of a film. I have already blocked out that time—might as well take a nap instead.

Song you never want to hear again? All the songs I have ever used in a show or routine, I love. They made their way there for a reason. However, I absolutely cannot listen to any of them in a casual way anymore. I still love them; they just remind me too much of things that I’m usually doing while they are playing.

Preferred form of revenge? Success is the only way that actually works.

Favorite swear word? “Minge” always makes me chuckle. Have I ever actually said it in a conversation? Once, and it was awkward.

Thing you said but wish you hadn’t? “Minge.”

Thing you didn’t say but wish you had? “I’m sorry.”

Last words before execution? “I swear, it was just a trick!”

Dan’s Inessentials

Clockwise from top left: a pair of slippers; train travel to die for; a Rolex the color of old plastic; a Leica camera (for your trip to Fotografiska); a 26-year-old whiskey.