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Ralph Lauren

The end of summer should come with a consolation prize. A little something from Ralph Lauren will do nicely, especially if it’s a bag from the house’s new RL 888 collection. Named after the women’s flagship store on Madison Avenue, in New York, the aesthetic is structured and polished—not unlike the city itself, which is Lauren’s birthplace. Made of 36 hand-cut pieces and finished with an “RL” logo that also serves as a push-lock closure, it comes in three styles: crossbody, top handle, and mini crossbody. Our current favorite is the first option in oat, a warm, unexpected alternative to the sea of black bags that will soon be ubiquitous on, well, Madison Avenue. ($2,700; —Ashley Baker



A lot has changed since San Diego was a fish-taco town. (No offense to the good chefs churning out exceptional ones at Las Olas, in nearby Cardiff-by-the-Sea.) As of last year, it’s now home to the only restaurant in Southern California with three Michelin stars—one of only 13 restaurants in the U.S. to have earned that distinction. Chef William Bradley’s Addison is located on the grounds of the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in an otherwise forgettable, inland stretch of Del Mar. But this mundane context makes what he’s doing there only more exciting. Each dish is more thrilling than the last; you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced his chicken-liver churro and koshihikari rice with applewood-smoked sabayon and caviar. The way that Bradley plays with culinary traditions and local ingredients gave me a new understanding of this region I thought I knew well. Addison is the kind of anomaly that happens when an ambitious, persistent, curious local sets out to do something that nobody has ever even attempted. Now people are coming from all over the world to pay attention.( —Ashley Baker


Command Z

When acclaimed film director Steven Soderbergh and writer Kurt Andersen got together to workshop this project, they wanted to create a series that served as a necessary wake-up call but was still entertaining. Enter Command Z. Starring Michael Cera and Roy Wood Jr., the show imagines futuristic extensions of issues stirring today, from corporate greed and political corruption to climate change and the rise of artificial intelligence. The resulting eight episodes are admittedly haunting, but thankfully, as Soderbergh and Andersen intended, Command Z miraculously remains humorous. ($7.99, —Jack Sullivan


Yellow Bird

At first, I panicked—Huy Fong’s sriracha was nowhere to be found. Bottles were being marked up and resold on eBay. But when one sriracha vanishes, another takes its place. Enter Yellow Bird. This organic sriracha offers medium heat, which is pleasantly cut by citrus and sweetness. It’s never watery and can elevate everything from scrambled eggs and fried rice to a B.L.T. and a grilled cheese sandwich. Keep a bottle in your purse and, to be safe, a few in the cupboard. You’re welcome. ($36 for three, —Ellen Flax



Here is a fact to ruin your morning: hairbrushes need to be washed weekly due to the buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria, and mold. (The especially brave can look up the statistics on just how much filth your brush might harbor for themselves, but be warned.) Not only is this gross but it actually has an impact on your hair health. Instead of spending hours making rice water or wasting your rent on supplements, start with Janeke’s affordable solution. Available in a range of playful color combinations, this brush is lightweight and stays clean because of its open design. Use it to massage your scalp, untangle knots on wet hair, and keep your hair cool during blowouts. I have one in my travel case, one on my countertop, and one at my desk. The only danger is that your friends will try to steal it. ($19.99, —Finnegan Biden



I generally prefer parties where blanc de blancs and dry gin flow freely, but over the past few months, all of my friends have swapped to serving Rasāsvāda. This line of non-alcoholic spirits, inspired by Italian amari, can be enjoyed in place of, or as an addition to, a traditional cocktail. Started by native New Yorker Connor Godfrey, Rasāsvāda is available in three varieties, but my preferred option is Rose Bergamot. Both bitter and floral, it can be enjoyed on the rocks, with club soda, or, in my case, as an accompaniment to a classic Negroni. ($40, —Michael Pescuma

Issue No. 215
August 26, 2023
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Issue No. 215
August 26, 2023