She was Miss America and studied at Stanford and Oxford, but before spearheading the estimable nonprofit Lift Our Voices, Gretchen Carlson spent more than a decade as one of Fox News’s eminent hosts. The rest of her story is the stuff of legend: after being fired from the network, in 2016, the small-town-Minnesota native helped bring down the slimy Fox News chairman Roger Ailes on charges of sexual harassment brought by her and dozens of other women. Through Lift Our Voices, Carlson is still working to enact change for workers everywhere. On this week’s episode of Table for Two, she details the intricacies of modern workplace harassment—both her own experiences and those of others—over lunch with host Bruce Bozzi, and shares the requisite steps toward creating safe, and inclusive, workplace environments. Hear a preview of the episode below, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 18: Gretchen Carlson

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