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As summer entertainment gets underway, don’t forget about your friends who are not imbibing. We’re not talking about your typical zero-proof beer or sweet and fruity mocktail. There are quite a few interesting non-alcoholic options out there with complicated and satisfying flavors that trick your brain into believing you’re having a real night out but leave you wondering why you ever tolerated a hangover. Boisson is an alcohol-free-drink retailer who has done a great job at bringing it all together. Check out its Web site or pop into one of its growing I.R.L. locations to browse everything from pre-mixed cocktails to spirit alternatives, mixers, wines, and little-known NA beers. Their site even has recipes to get you started. The beautiful thing about this new world of alcohol-free offerings is that they are often zero sugar, zero calories, and, perhaps best of all, gorgeously branded so they will look fantastic on your bar or in a cooler filled with ice by the pool. ( —Anjali Lewis


Jacques Marie Mage

Watch an episode of Succession and you’ll see tiny arrowheads adorning Kendall Roy’s glasses. They’re the signature mark of Jacques Marie Mage, the L.A.-based purveyor of sculptural spectacles. The glasses-maker sources cellulose acetate from Japan, shapes it into frames, injects a wire core for strength, and then tumbles them in barrels of bamboo chips to create a smooth and shiny finish. Those are the Molino 55s you can see in the Season Three finale. I’ve worn them for more than a year and wouldn’t be seen dead without them. ($795, —Michael Melinger


Ginori 1735

On a recent trip to Milan, I was rushing from a business meeting to a client lunch at Latteria when one of the shop windows on Via Brera caught my eye. Later on, I found myself back at that window, peering into Ginori 1735, the Florentine-porcelain brand known for their artful tableware. Intrigued by their whimsical, floral Oriente Italiano collection, I picked up a set of espresso cups. Whenever I use one for my morning mocha back home, I am transported from my cramped West Village apartment to a sprawling terrace in Ischia. Next time you’re grabbing a magazine at the AIR MAIL newsstand in Largo Treves, make the five-minute walk to Ginori and explore the riches for yourself. ($254 for two, —Michael Pescuma



The white summer bag: it sounds like such an easy proposition. But all too often they are either too precious or too massive, too structured or too loose. Toteme to the rescue with its new white cube bucket bag. Small in scale, it’s large enough to house the handful of things one actually needs—a paperback (or a Kindle, which is nothing to be ashamed of), sunscreen, a small stash of beauty products, and a card case. In the case of any white handbag, a durable leather is critical, and this one is pebble-grained to repel stains and abrasions. Go forth, drag this bag all over Italy, France, what have you, and conquer the sartorial scene. ($1,080; —Ashley Baker


Emme Parsons

The Emme Parsons string sandal was a discovery from one of our favorite fashion Substacks, 5 Things You Should Buy, Becky Malinsky’s wildly useful weekly dispatch. After only one month of high-frequency summer use, they have already assumed hero status in our wardrobe. For starters, they are one of the very few flat sandals that feel dressy enough for a cocktail party; this is due (in part) to their nearly naked silhouette. They are as comfortable as can be, not only because they are entirely horizontal but because the straps are rather ergonomic in positioning, and they simply refuse to cause any pain or stress. Short shorts, long pants, micro-minis, oversize caftans—it’s all fair game. We’re not asking you to abandon your Birkenstocks for good, but at least give these a chance. ($425, —Ashley Baker



If you’re anything like me, your deodorant’s ingredients sound like compounds created following the Chernobyl disaster: tetrasodium EDTA, dipropylene glycol, PPG-3 myristyl ether, cyclopentasiloxane. But you tolerate this god-awful toxicity so those around you can tolerate you in the summer heat. Enter health-and-wellness brand VanMan. Offering a full suite of products from deodorant to hair serum to tooth powder, this Sand Diego–based company follows a holistic approach to body care. Plus, their ingredients are as appetizing as they are effective: grapefruit oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, 100 percent grass-fed beef tallow. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming natural sunblock, containing organic cocoa powder. ($22, —Bill Keenan

Issue No. 208
July 8, 2023
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Issue No. 208
July 8, 2023