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Los Vasos de Agua Clara

Until all too recently, the beautiful hand-painted glassware by Los Vasos de Agua Clara were available only to those who stumbled across its Instagram account (or knew founders and lifelong friends Clara Riera and Maite López-Fonta from hanging out in Barcelona, where they live). Now, thanks to Abask, the new home-focused e-commerce site masterminded by Matches Fashion co-founder Tom Chapman, we’re all in business and dangerously close to ordering the entire assortment of Los Vasos de Agua Clara pitchers and accoutrements. But the Hand-Painted Portofino Glass Tumbler—the Murano alternative we’ve been waiting for—is non-negotiable. Featherweight but durable, each one is unique and has been painted by Riera and López-Fonta. Usefully, they are sold as a set of six in complementary but not same-same colors, and they make drinking plain old water feel like an event worth celebrating. ($300 for a set of six, —Ashley Baker



Since 2020, I have been chasing the high of pre-coronavirus, pre-cancellation Bon Appétit videos. After a long search, I finally found Carolina Gelen’s Substack, Scraps. Few cooking newsletters have me eagerly waiting at my inbox for their arrival. Even fewer have me running to the grocery store—a personally dreaded Manhattan errand. Yet the Romanian immigrant and chefhas swayed me. Gelen makes cooking fun and approachable with narrative-like text. It isn’t too personal, as is often found online—and quirky corresponding TikTok videos. Scraps continuously leaves me coming away inspired, hungry, and wanting to cook. Recipes vary from sweet (raspberry pound cake, anyone?) to savory (the pickle latkes are a must-try). Looking for a place to start? With grilling season upon us, test out Gelen’s “a better hot dog,” whose spiral cut helps it live up to its name. ( —Gracie Wiener



There’s nothing more cumbersome than trying to find the perfect finishing touches for your living space, especially if you’re in the market for something that strikes the fragile balance between timelessly elegant and joyfully whimsical. Forsyth, the perfectly curated St. Louis–based gallery-studio, has solved this headache-inducing dilemma with its Mushroom Pouf ottoman. The fabulous fungus is currently available in 18 fabrics, ranging from prints designed by Pierre Frey and Josef Frank to Loro Piana cashmere and velvet, but can also be done fully bespoke. If you’re in need of something more substantial, be sure to check out its museum-worthy vintage selection, too. (starting at $1,955; —Lucy Horowitz



It’s no secret that we’ve all become more freewheeling and open about enjoying cannabis and its many and various forms these days, especially as more states soften their laws around its regulation. (Suddenly, a cannabis dinner party at the governor’s mansion doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.) But discretion still has its appeal, especially when it comes to storing one’s stash. Old shoeboxes did the trick in college, but these post-Ikea years demand something more purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. A friend with great taste recently sent me a Snugbox, a stylish, fabric-wrapped stash box with dual combo locks in a variety of prints. (I’m partial to the beguiling florals of the Boho Nouveau pattern.) There’s a removable storage tray, pocketed compartments, and even a back grommet for charging electronics. Even better, it can pull double duty as a jewelry box. ($195, —Laura Neilson



Is the East End of Long Island the most fashion-obsessed place in the universe? A new piece of evidence points to yes. On August 2, Loewe will open a permanent boutique in East Hampton, meaning that even in the doldrums of January, no one shall suffer from lack of a Puzzle Fold Tote. Expect ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, jewelry, home fragrances, and an irresistible collection of sunglasses, all housed in a beautifully designed space replete with Loewe handmade ceramic tiles and Utrecht chairs. ( —Ashley Baker



While working in his studio one afternoon, tucked away on the top floor of his Baroque-style palazzo on Venice’s Grand Canal, Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga noticed a marble light switch with a green rim around its circumference. This was an object of elegance, he mused, yet it had become a relic of his childhood. No design studio takes the time to make light switches anymore. He decided to create his own. Luce Serenissima combines vermeil, silver, gold, and Madagascar stones, and is available in three versions—green Avventurina glass, pink rhodonite, and blue/grey agate. Yes, they are expensive, but have you ever seen such a beautiful light switch? ($1,344; —Elena Clavarino

Issue No. 211
July 29, 2023
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Issue No. 211
July 29, 2023