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Landed safely in Aspen but forgot to pack a hostess gift? No need to stress. Hermès has arrived in the Rocky Mountains just in time for the summer season. Located in a chalet in the heart of Aspen, the space was reimagined by Parisian architecture agency RDAI, and it carries a full array of what the house calls its “16 métiers”—silk collections, perfumes, beauty products, fragrances, leather goods, watches, ready-to-wear, and more. And don’t miss the equestrian collection—even a sunset horseback ride is an opportunity to showcase personal style. (521 East Hyman Avenue, Aspen, Colorado; —Ashley Baker


Variety Coffee

Forget about Starbucks and Dunkin’. Say good-bye to Blank Street Coffee. Amicably part ways with your local hipster java shop. We’ve found the best espresso-bean blend in New York, and it’s at Variety Coffee. Founded in 2008, Variety Coffee has since expanded from its original Williamsburg location to Greenpoint, Bushwick, Park Slope, Chelsea, the Upper East Side, and the financial district (with an eighth location opening in Ridgewood, Queens, this summer). There is also the unthinkable option of brewing a cup of Variety Coffee at home; Lucky Shot Espresso, the brand’s primary espresso blend, combines beans from Ethiopia and Colombia to create a rich, bright, chocolate-y flavor. Don’t be surprised to find subtle differences between bags—the harvest seasons of the various coffee regions inform the composition, ensuring maximum freshness and undeniable quality. ($15, —Paulina Prosnitz


Party Girl

Parker Posey’s iteration of the New York It Girl in Daisy von Scherler Mayer’s 1995 indie darling delivers on all fronts: which is to say her character, Mary, is stylish, sexy, and can read. To the Instagram It Girls of today, Mary is a sort of mother: she ramps up the selling price of her vintage Gaultier at the secondhand store (how else would she make rent?), organizes her D.J. roommate’s record collection according to the Dewey decimal system, and romances the handsome street vendor during her lunch hour (falafel with hot sauce, a side of baba ghanoush, and a seltzer, please). You can catch Party Girl on the big screen at the Roxy Cinema through July 8 or at home on Amazon Prime. A movie for patrons of Studio 54 and Studio 151 alike. ($2.99, —Ryan Benson


Villa Munch

If a jam-packed, expensive beach holiday on Long Island really doesn’t appeal this summer, or you just can’t face the usual crowds on Lake Como or the Côte d’Azur, it’s time to think outside of the box. Perhaps basking by the fjords in Norway, which features stellar views, round-the-clock daylight, and mild temperatures might entice instead. If so, a summer house nestled in the small town of Hvisten is just the stop. The property belonged to Edvard Munch from 1910 until his death, in 1944, and he deemed it the “prettiest property” on the fjord. Villa Munch features four bedrooms, a vintage stove, a private quay for a little boat out front, and, best of all, paintings by its onetime master. Not to worry if Munch’s home is booked; there’s a charming hotel—Ramme Fjordhotell—and a gallery that houses more of his works just next door. ($11,860 per night; —Elena Clavarino



Much like Scrounging’s cover—a Wonder Bread sandwich filled with Cap’n Crunch and dusted with Pixy Stix powder—many of the 54 recipes in A24’s latest cookbook are one step past unappetizing. Inspired by dishes seen in movies, the offerings range from Alma’s Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Omelet, from Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, to Buddy’s Breakfast Spaghetti, from Elf. “Food in film is about more than just caloric intake,” writes chef Matty Matheson in the introduction. “There’s often an underbelly or a slightly deranged element to eating, especially in the recipes here.” The book prompted me to watch Step Brothers for the first time, though I won’t be making the microwave nachos with a glass of Glacier Freeze Gatorade featured in the film. ($38, —Jensen Davis


Louis Vuitton

Aficionados of Louis Vuitton’s Artycapucines bags have plenty of reasons to make some extra space in their closets. From June 28 through July 12, Sotheby’s is holding an online auction of 22 editions of the bag that have been designed by artists such as Urs Fischer, Alex Israel, Liu Wei, Peter Marino, and Vik Muniz. Each is signed and comes in a Louis Vuitton Boîte Chapeau covered in the house’s monogram. Louis Vuitton will donate the net proceeds from each sale to a charity or NGO of the artist’s choice, and from July 1 through 5, the bags will be displayed at Sotheby’s Parisian headquarters, at 76 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. ( —Ashley Baker

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June 24, 2023
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Issue No. 206
June 24, 2023