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This isn’t just another Rent the Runway app. It’s much more of a “rent your friend’s clothes” app. While the former might be perfect if you have a ball that requires Giambattista Valli, Pickle comes to the rescue during conundrums as simple as: I want to wear something cute tomorrow, but I don’t want to buy any new clothes. Cue looks by Dana Foley, Kim Shui, Poster Girl, and more. To make matters easier, it’s arranged into helpful categories, such as Night Out, Date Night, and Bougie. You can either rent a garment for great prices, from $28 to $150, or buy items for sale. If you’ve got pieces in your own closet you don’t want to see anymore, consider putting them to good use. ( Clavarino



It’s certainly appropriate that a docuseries about the ambidextrous life of Arnold Schwarzenegger would top out at three hours. Thirds are dedicated to each of his distinct career paths—“passions,” as he calls them. As “Arnie” on the Mr. Olympia stage, the Terminator at the box office, or simply governor in the Golden State, Schwarzenegger has experienced a rise to the top of his chosen arenas that has long been the stuff of American legend. The various valleys among his massive peaks tend to be less discussed. Namely, his relationships with women, and specifically his marriage to Maria Shriver. The third episode of the show—entitled “American”—promises to fill that void. Calling on Schwarzenegger’s friends—Jamie Lee Curtis, Sylvester Stallone, and James CameronArnold adds further color to the tale of a larger-than-life figure. (netflix) —Jack Sullivan



There’s no wedding on my horizon (not now, nor ever), but I’ll take a blushing bride’s healthy complexion any day, especially if it’s at the hands of Raquel Medina-Cleghorn. Formerly a lead aesthetician for Joanna Czech, Medina-Cleghorn has a clientele that includes Hollywood and fashion-industry heavyweights such as Léa Seydoux and Ulla Johnson. Earlier this year, she opened up shop in Tribeca, where brides-to-be are flocking for “The Works.” The two-hour treatment includes manual lymphatic drainage and an oddly soothing hands-in-mouth, transbuccal massage to de-puff skin and relieve tense facial muscles, before the deployment of microcurrents, L.E.D.-light therapy, and pressurized oxygen for an extra dose of radiance prior to the walk down the aisle, or simply along Canal Street. ($900, —Laura Neilson


Roxanne First

The necks of many stylish Londoners are adorned with the personalized beaded necklacesby Roxanne First. Now the jewelry designer has teamed up with cookbook authorsSkye McAlpine and Nina Parker on a capsule collection called Buon Appetito, which nods to their shared love of Italian food. The gold bracelet that resembles different shapes of pasta is almost as tempting as a bowl of trofie, but it’s the sapphire-emerald-and-ruby necklace, dripping with McAlpine’s favorite fruits, that is really irresistible. ($4,032; —Ashley Baker


Emporio Sirenuse

We are approaching that time of year when every dress seems to be either white or floral. Resist the urge. Instead, take a look at this embroidered cotton-and-linen dress from Emporio Sirenuse. With its full skirt and sweetheart neckline, it’s perfectly summery in spirit, but its bronze-and-ivory embroidery adds both texture and intrigue. Designed by Carla Sersale, it’s part of a capsule collection, 10 percent of the proceeds of which are directed to Elephant Family, the nonprofit organization under the British Asian Trust umbrella that protects endangered wildlife and their habitats. ($1,700; —Ashley Baker



On Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill, there exists a store so special, I almost don’t want to tell you about it. Down a few steps from the sidewalk, visitors are greeted by Layla’s owner, Alayne Patrick, who has curated a selection of bedding, tablecloths, clothing, and antique jewelry. Patrick has spent years flying back and forth between New York and India, where she sources almost everything for her shop. It’s hard to decide where to look first—the colorful cotton quilts or the hand-printed tablecloths? Don’t even get me started on the towels. You will have to make an appointment to shop, but that means you will get the entire store to yourself. ( —Clara Molot

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June 17, 2023
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Issue No. 205
June 17, 2023