There was a time when the notion of an old—er, aging—rock star was laughable, a veritable contradiction in terms. And even now, precious few can legitimately claim such a title. Among that number is Jon Bon Jovi, who, it’s almost impossible to believe, is celebrating his band’s 40th anniversary this year. On this week’s episode of Table for Two, Bon Jovi reveals how he got his first record deal, when he was a spry 21-year-old from New Jersey; what it was like to share the stage with Bruce Springsteen for the first time; why Harry Styles is the biggest star of our age; and how he’s still in love with his wife, Dorothea, after more than 30 years of marriage. Hear a preview of the episode below, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 10: Jon Bon Jovi

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