Say what you want about Trump supporters, but at least they’re creative. What other American president could inspire white, upper-middle-aged women to sport bedazzled Trump Girl chokers? Gods, Guns, and Trump hats? Or—a personal favorite—T-shirts with Guns don’t kill people, Clintons do boldly printed across the front?

Trump is the kind of man to make his fellow men of well-fed robust stature feel comfortable wearing shortie American-flag overalls with nothing under them, and men of narrower frames confident enough to leave the house in red, oversize ties bearing the words No Crime.

Down in Florida, the Palm Beach set watched their fearless leader’s post-arraignment speech from behind bouncing blowouts and bright, monochrome dresses, which might, in another setting, suggest the gay-pride flag. —Clara Molot

Clara Molot is an Associate Editor for Air Mail