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La Residence

Twelve floors above Crosby Street, Yann Nury has created a fine-dining haven with the feel of your most stylish friend’s living room. The 39-year-old French chef started his career cooking alongside Daniel Boulud at private events in Upper East Side penthouses and SoHo lofts. Visiting one client’s Wooster Street apartment with round windows and exposed brick, Nury began to dream of creating something similar. Designed in collaboration with Parisian architect Charles Zana, La Residence is complete with 16-foot ceilings, a custom Molteni stove, and sleek furniture. Mouthwatering dishes include Malossol Astrakhan caviar with avocado, Wagyu-beef Wellington, tender Dover sole, and grilled cheese made with Comté.While La Residence is available to book out for events, it’s invitation-only. There is no phone number to call. Instead, like with anything good in the city, you have to know somebody who knows Nury. ( —Elena Clavarino


Royals Extra

Sally Bedell Smith is the author of books on everything from the Kennedy White House to the life of William S. Paley, the CBS media tycoon and husband to Babe, but she is best known for her biographies of the British royals—Elizabeth II, Charles, Diana, and, most recently, George VI (immortalized by Colin Firth in The King’s Speech) and his wife, Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother. On the heels of this newest publication, and coinciding with her book tour, Bedell Smith has announced Royals Extra, a new Substack newsletter which, the author says, will “take readers behind the scenes of the British royal family over the last century.” Consider the newsletter, which will release new posts on Sundays, to be your weekly royals fix—short-and-sweet, little-known vignettes and untold stories, delivered by one of the world’s foremost royal experts. ( —Julia Vitale


Ippolita Jewelry

While creating her new Madison Avenue flagship, artist and jeweler Ippolita Rostagno wanted shoppers to feel like they were entering her home. She modeled the boutique on her Brooklyn town house, complete with Venetian plastered walls covered in art and curios, reminiscent of the reliquaries of her childhood in Florence. The real art in the store, though, is the jewelry. Inspired by natural shapes and designs, Ippolita’s collection of silver and 18-karat-gold pieces features intentionally imperfect surfaces and human-like curves. That’s because Rostagno uses a technique called “body imprinting,” which involves pressing pieces of wax against parts of her own body. She keeps her designs playful and meant for everyday wear, embracing candy-colored precious and semi-precious stones. Rostagno has been actively pushing to change the purchasing power in the fine-jewelry industry—which has traditionally targeted men by offering gifts for women—by designing pieces “cool enough to covet, and classic enough to keep.” ( —Gracie Wiener


Shani Darden

As the weather becomes more temperate, a new moisturizer is in order. Shani Darden’s just-released Hydration Peptide Cream will do nicely. Rich yet oil-free, it replenishes moisture with squalene and peptides, and is suitable to use after retinol. Ideal for skin-care regimes that rely heavily on layering, it’s light enough to avoid feeling weighed down by sunscreen. ($58, —Ashley Baker



At Marni, Francesco Risso’s hits just keep on coming. His spring bags have arrived in stores to addictive effect. How are we expected to resist this city-friendly take on the once humble straw tote? Marni’s Trunk bag is a crossbody, highly organized affair, with ample pockets and compartments. Ideal for travel, it even has a zippered interior pocket to stash a passport and coins from all municipalities. Everyone else waiting in the security line at the d’Orsay, making due with some old canvas thing, will weep with envy. ($1,895; —Ashley Baker


Layla Bagels

In the last decade, Los Angeles went from having zero adequate bagel shops to a handful of delicious ones (Courage and Maury’s, in Silver Lake; Hank’s, in Burbank; Belle’s, in Highland Park). The latest edition is Layla Bagels, in Santa Monica, which opened in early February. The sourdough-bagel recipe was developed by Sergio Espana, formerly a baker at Tartine and Gjusta. Layla’s toppings are just as delicious as the bagels themselves: fresh heirloom tomatoes (far better than tomatoes you can get in Manhattan), house-whipped herb cream cheese, satsuma mandarins from the Santa Monica farmers market. The only issue is the line, which often stretches out the door. ( —Jensen Davis

Issue No. 194
April 1, 2023
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Issue No. 194
April 1, 2023