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The River Cafe

Pro tip: a plane ticket to Heathrow, three nights at Claridge’s, taxi to Hammersmith, and a reservation at the River Cafe is perhaps the best possible holiday gift. But a more budget-friendly alternative has arrived, thanks to the River Cafe’s international gift box, which is cleared for travel all around the world. And it’s a beauty: a signature tote bag and apron, the River Cafe’s own olive oil, walnut-and-chocolate cantucci, a Carlo Moretti bowl, handmade panettone, and the most irresistible organic San Marzano tomatoes are among its contents. Orders must be received by December 1 to ensure on-time shipping, so get to it chop-choppish! ($887, —Ashley Baker


Colin from Accounts

You’d be forgiven for wondering if most of the recent romantic-comedy films have plotlines that were spat out by ChatGPT. Thankfully, the genre seems to have found more nuance on television. Such is the case with Colin from Accounts, an Australian series from Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall. Married in real life, Dyer and Brammall play Ashley, a young medical student, and Gordon, a slightly older, slightly more stable owner of a micro-brewery. The pair is brought together by a traffic collision and an injured dog. (I won’t spoil any more.) The show has gained a cult following in the U.K., thanks to its witty script and wry protagonists. ( —Bridget Arsenault



It’s almost time to strap on our boots again and head to Colorado. But if you are lacking some cool windbreakers, sleek ski pants, or even a new pair of goggles, you’re in luck. Gucci has relocated to an even bigger boutique in Aspen, outfitted with majolica tiles, velvet armchairs, and tan boiserie. The boutique will carry exclusive items from the new Gucci Après-Ski collection. (Think: the Jackie of 1961 in white shearling, or a very Gucci take on the Moon Boot.) Looks like we’ll be spending less time on Ajax this season. ( —Elena Clavarino



You probably know Rimowa as the fashion It Girl trunk of choice for jetting from St. Barth’s to Stockholm to Paris. Perhaps lesser known, however, is that the brand has been the international arbiter of luxury travel accessories dating all the way back to 1898. And now they’ve launched a new suitcase just in time for the holidays. The Distinct Cabin features Rimowa’s traditional grooved style with the magnificent addition of a leather-wrapped exterior. Available in black and navy, the new case epitomizes the brand’s perfected balance of functionality and indulgence. Stand out from the crowd of silver and baby-blue aluminum trunks lining CDG baggage claim with the brand’s most luxurious case to date. ($3,330; —Lucy Horowitz



It’s an exciting moment for fans of The Hours, Michael Cunningham’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, which was turned into an Academy Award–winning film starring Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Julianne Moore. We’ve waited years, months, weeks, and now, finally, we get Day. Cunningham’s latest novel begins in Brooklyn, where he and his husband spent the first months of the pandemic, and is an intimate look at the complexities of one family over three days—April 5, 2019, 2020, and 2021. He writes a contemporary story about individual and collective loss without ever using words such as “the coronavirus,” “pandemic,” or even “virus.” ($28, —Clara Molot


Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Keep the Christmas spirit alive with the Santa Writes Back Kit from Mr. Boddington’s Studio. The handsome and festive stationery set contains everything your wide-eyed babe needs to send a missive to old Saint Nick, and guarantees a custom response. This just may be the ticket to keep the children in awe of the magic of the holiday season and give the adults more time to try out that new eggnog recipe. Letters must be dropped in the mail by December 6 to ensure Santa writes back before Christmas. ($30, —Jennifer Noyes

Issue No. 227
November 18, 2023
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Issue No. 227
November 18, 2023