Amid all the chaos experienced over the past few years, who isn’t in need of a little comfort? Allow us to present AIR SUPPLY’s collaboration with the American textile manufacturer Chatham—a perfectly fluffy baby blanket, now designed with adults in mind.

“The classic swaddle was, for most of us, the first thing that touched our little bodies,” says Graydon Carter, a co-editor of Air Mail. “We thought that a blanket with the same look and soft feel would be the perfect thing to be wrapped in while reading or watching TV before heading off to bed.”

Riffing off of Chatham’s archival 19th-century blankets, which were used by the United States Armed Forces in World Wars I and II, the warm, weighty throw has been meticulously made at a Connecticut mill using the heritage brand’s original methods. “There are a lot of nuances with the ways the designs come out,” says Alex Chatham, who recently took over his family company. The multi-step, labor-intensive process employs textile machinery that is more than 100 years old, and each product is subject to numerous hand inspections. Ultimately, Chatham says, “it’s all based on the feel and getting the right fluff.”

Don’t get in bed without one. Illustration by Grant Shaffer.

The design includes Air Mails signature stripes, but in muted tones, and the blanket is as indefatigable as it is inviting, thanks to a combination of pure wool and, in a first for Chatham, cashmere. “One hundred percent cashmere would be very delicate,” explains Chatham, “but the wool makes it last longer.” A lifetime, perhaps.

As Chatham puts it, “I think it’s exactly what we all need right now.… Outside is scary; the home is our sanctuary.” And with this exquisitely crafted blanket draped over your couch or folded at the foot of your bed, it will be a stylish one.

Zoe Ruffner is the Editor of AIR SUPPLY, AIR MAIL’s online shop