It takes a lot to transfix New York, especially over an extended period of time. But what was once a local fascination with a so-called German heiress turned into an international fixation with a Gen Z fraudster (née Sorokin) that begot more blog posts, gossip-column inches, lawsuits, tell-alls, and Hollywood projects than one could reliably tally. After serving four years in prison, Delvey was released, only to be detained by ICE; now she is facing deportation to Germany. But true to form, she is leaning into house arrest, embracing her infamy, and even launching her own podcast, The Delvey Show. Here, Delvey shares her key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

Airline: NetJets.
: Zurich.
: “I was on house arrest.”
: Strides. It’s satisfying because it allows me to maintain daily routines and track progress of movement.
: I really don’t like to carry a bag. If necessary, something like the Row’s Dante oversize clutch.
: Someone who appreciates complex regulatory situations.
: Self-brewed gyokuro tea, raw almonds. I love fresh fruit and vegetables. Particularly, ordering lunch from Sweetgreen.
: Audi Skysphere, all black.
: I’m open-minded, as long as it is not inside of my apartment.
: Blood-glucose monitoring.
: I do love the Pacific Coast Highway after rain. More currently, crossing the Manhattan Bridge on my way to my Brooklyn parole officer.

Escape: My fire escape.
: Custom-tailored. Having any clothing item being adjusted to one’s body makes all the difference.
: A time-tested one.
: Katikies Kirini Santorini.
: Sleep.

“I love that for you; that’s interesting.”

: Someone without any literary or entertainment-industry aspirations.
: Anything fresh. I scroll through one of the delivery apps and pick one of the places in the East Village that lets you create your own bowl or salad.
: Amy Dunne and Frank Underwood.
Neighbor: An understanding one.
Nonfiction book
: Euclid’s Elements.
: My Year of Rest and Relaxation, by Ottessa Moshfegh.
Piece of advice
: “Do you and try not to incriminate yourself while you’re at it.”
: The Delvey Show, which I’m recording now.
Restaurant: Sushi Sasabune, on the Upper East Side.

Saying: “You don’t need to make it back the way you lost it.”
: Someone fun, assuming we have the same definition of the word.
Second spouse: Someone more fun than the first one.
Storm: My current day-to-day reality.
Street: Rue Saint-Honoré, in Paris.
Television series: House of Cards.
Theme song to your life
: “Gangsta’s Paradise,” by Coolio.
Victim: A guilty one.
View: From the top.
Wake-up time: Sunrise, that feeling when you’re up to see the day start.
Weekend bag: Tom Ford.
Work of art: My life.

Anna’s Essentials

Clockwise from top left: a favorite snack; a Tom Ford weekend bag; My Year of Rest and Relaxation, by Odessa Moshfegh; the Audi Skysphere; a favorite place to drive, the Manhattan Bridge.