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It’s Sébline, not “Sublime,” but the mistake is easy to make when it comes to this smart line of shirting. French-English designer Charles Sébline channels British sartorialism and Parisian insouciance in his collection of unisex clothes, which include poplin button-ups, languid caftans, and the occasional boxer short. His design skills include an enviable sense of color, as evidenced by his two-tone pin-tucked shirts. While we would gladly recommend them, they’re nearly sold out. Instead, we’ll happily make due with this grass-green striped number, which looks just as good tucked into new fall trousers as it does covering up an Eres maillot. ($305, —Ashley Baker


Paula’s Choice

Niacinamide is not the sexiest name for a beauty product. But when the model Kaia Gerber said the one from Paula’s Choice had “saved her skin,” I immediately wanted to try it. The highly concentrated vitamin B3 serum tightens pores and clears bumps caused by the sun. One week in, I’d already noticed my skin was smoother and my ghastly nose pores smaller. Safe to say, Gerber has not led me astray … yet. ($50, —Clara Molot


Arne Jacobsen

While an iPhone alarm is convenient, turning it off in the morning requires you to look at e-mail, text, and social-media notifications before you’re really conscious. The ring of an old-fashioned alarm clock is a much more pleasant way to wake up. The AJ Station clock, an updated version of Arne Jacobsen’s 1939 design, is sleek, small, and has a snooze option. Plus, the sound of the alarm is far gentler than any of Apple’s options. ($122, —Jensen Davis

Zahn McClarnon in Reservation Dogs (2021)

Reservation Dogs

While the title is definitely a wink to Quentin Tarantino, don’t expect blood and mayhem in this sly comedy, which just started its second season. Expect that other great Tarantino hallmark: well-drawn characters on the margins who are trying to plot a way out. In this case, it’s four Indigenous kids determined to get off their Oklahoma reservation and make it to what they are sure is a better place: California. Co-created by Sterlin Harjo, an Indigenous writer and director, and Taika Waititi, who won an Oscar for his Jojo Rabbit screenplay, the show bubbles with Waititi’s sensibility, where the real and the surreal coexist. All of the four teenage characters are great, and they perfectly capture the yearning feeling of that age—the belief that if you could only escape your roots, life would be better. Yet, they sense, too, their roots might be the strongest power they possess. It’s a self-assured show unlike anything on TV right now. ( —Michael Hainey


English Rose

Anyone apprehensive of scripted podcasts, which have been experiencing a renaissance recently, should listen to English Rose. The five-part drama from BBC Radio 4 is not unlike the excellent radio plays of generations past. (There’s a reason The Archers has been broadcast on the BBC since 1951.) Written by the novelist Helen Cross, the show has a tightly plotted script, provocative soundscapes, and impressive acting. Focusing on an 18-year-old girl from Yorkshire who travels to New York to work as a nanny, it’s wry, gently surreal, and has an unexpected fantasy twist. ( —Bridget Arsenault


Monica Rich Kosann

Winning a sports game is a complicated proposition, but dominating the jewelry game is well within reach, thanks to an irresistible new range of bracelets from Monica Rich Kosann. The designer has teamed up with tennis player Chris Evert to create the Tennis Bracelet-CE collection. It’s an homage to the 1978 U.S. Open match during which Evert, then at the height of her powers, lost her diamond bracelet during a rally. The game was briefly stopped as Evert looked for her jewelry, and the “tennis bracelet,” as we have come to know it, was born. Countless diamond purveyors have attempted to approximate the style over the years, but few rival these. Each style in the collection includes touches that nod to the game, such as a pear-shaped diamond drop that represents a bead of sweat and emeralds that match the green of a tennis court. Our favorite is the fancy-cut bracelet, which is set with diamonds of various shapes and sizes. (from $725, —Ashley Baker

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August 27, 2022
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Issue No. 163
August 27, 2022