David Lipman has spent his career as a creative director masterminding the visual identity of fashion and beauty brands. His latest project for real-estate developer Shvo takes on the two new locations of the Mandarin Oriental Residences, which are opening later this year on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and in Beverly Hills. The campaign, called “It Happened,” features models and personalities such as Sasha Pivovarova, Hadar Kel, Carolyn Murphy, and Daniel Boulud, and it will be displayed on banners running down Fifth Avenue and also in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. On the occasion of its launch, Lipman shares his key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

Airline: Qatar Airways.
: St. Barth’s.
: “I can’t hear you.”
App: MLB. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan.
: My girlfriend’s Burberry.
Bike: Technogym.
Breakfast, weekday: Not much.
Breakfast, weekend: My girlfriend’s Israeli eggs.
Children: Melena and Charlie, the loves of my life.
Cocktail: Don Julio 1942 on the rocks.
Diet: I’m forever trying and failing.
Dinner, weekday
: My girlfriend’s cooking or the Waverly Inn.
Dinner, weekend: Surprise Saturday nights.
: Anywhere with Marley, my German shepherd.
: St. Barth’s in August.

Excuse: “Can’t hear.”
: I love my children, dogs, and girlfriend, and Big Pat, Peter, and Patrick—I miss these three P’s dearly.
First Lady
: Jackie Kennedy.
Flaw: I snore.
: My guys—Jack, Peter, Patrick, Michael, Damien, Sean, Bruce, and Charlie—and my girls, Hadar and Melena.
GIRLFRIEND: Hadar Kel, my girlfriend and muse for the Mandarin Oriental campaign.

The downstairs bathroom.

Hotels: The Ritz in Paris, and Claridge’s, in London.
Indulgence: Caviar in a potato at Caviar Kaspia in Paris.
Jacket: From Helmut Lang’s first denim collection.
Last Meal: Pizza.

Lunch, weekday: Café Habana.
Lunch, weekend
: Leftover Shabbat dinner.
: The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.
Nonfiction book
: Book of Dreams, by Jack Kerouac.
: Portnoy’s Complaint, by Philip Roth.
: Fear of God hoodie, Stone Island cargoes, and Jordan 1s.
: Prada.
Shoes: Air Jordans.
Piece of advice: “In order to trust, you must trust.”
Podcast: No Gruffs Given with Sean Avery.
: We need a revolution.
Restaurant: The Waverly Inn.
Ride: I miss Carlos, the best driver ever.
Writing implement: Sharpie.