Here I present a MMXXII vintage premier cuvée of largely rare groove, just in time for my 33rd birthday. Years ago, when a vinyl-obsessed friend of mine was celebrating this particular milestone, everyone invited to his party had to bring a 33⅓ r.p.m., 12-inch record to spin. (The River’s Edge soundtrack was my contribution, if memory serves.) This playlist clocks in at seven hours—perfectly constructed for a full summer evening’s worth of imbibing—and while many of these physical records sell for eye-watering amounts on Discogs or eBay, here the sounds have been democratized with the simple click of a Spotify link. Recommended wine pairing? Something crushable, light, and teeming with appropriately buoyant energy, like Le Petit Rosé de Gimios.

Spike Carter is a writer and filmmaker. His next project is a documentary about Eric Roberts