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It’s 1979 and a girl (Mia Goth) who knows she’s beautiful goes to rural Texas with a director (who is also her boyfriend), two porn actors (Brittany Snow and Kid Cudi), a cinematographer, and a sound recordist to shoot a porno. For the set, they rent a backhouse from an elderly couple. Turns out, the old folks are so tormented by their senility, and the husband’s inability to get it up, that they’ve snapped. The excellent setup for A24’s new horror movie is matched by well-styled gore. There are a notable number of unflinching shots of people’s heads being bashed, slashed, or shot open, like pumpkins. Still, the film is fun and never takes itself too seriously. ( —Jensen Davis


Synful Eats

Cookies are always a good idea, and even more so if they’re baked by chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants. Sydney and Michael Hursa—she’s studied under the pastry chef for Jean-Georges and Daniel; he cooked at Le Bernardin—now operate a cookie company from their Hamptons kitchen. They bake cookies to order, with flavors ranging from Quadruple Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate to Peanut Butter S’Mores (AIR MAIL’s favorite). They hand-deliver boxes across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even to the Hamptons. The sweetest part: proceeds go to a different nonprofit every month. This month it’s the International Rescue Committee’s Ukraine crisis-relief fund. ($60 for one dozen, —Elena Clavarino

Alex Belth and Emily J. Shapiro

Here I Are: Anatomy of a Marriage

Told by the husband-and-wife team of Alex Belth and Emily Shapiro, this Audible Original is one of those unheralded, yet unforgettable, stories of love. It’s not only about surviving the tests that life throws at your relationship but about growing because of them. We can all benefit from that lesson, especially after the past two years. At times funny, revealing, raw, and deeply intimate, the memoir is told in the authors’ own honest and inviting voices. Belth and Shapiro take listeners inside their marriage as they work to understand what happens when the person you love has a serious chronic illness—and what that illness does to your relationship. It’s a love story not just for those in similar circumstances but for anyone who’s been in love. ( —Michael Hainey


La Veste

If you know us at all, you know we like terry cloth by the pool—in more than just our towels. So when La Veste, the kitschy Spanish brand from stylist Blanca Miró and designer María de la Orden, suddenly appeared in the Gucci Vault (the Italian fashion house’s digital space for collaborations and archival sales) with an exclusive new dress, we placed an order immediately. The Groovy Vest has a place on a city street, but it’s just the beachwear update we need as we crawl toward summer. The mid-thigh length and 60s-style buttons give it the feel of a dress but with the utility of a cover-up. This belongs on a terrace at the Hôtel du Cap. And, come to think of it, so do you. ($335, —Ashley Baker



Even those who religiously apply sunscreen to their face are prone to leaving the delicate skin around their eyes to languish in the sun. It’s a mistake. Hyper-pigmentation and sun damage can happen to any part of the body exposed to sunlight, and it’s especially important to protect delicate lids and under-eye areas. Accordingly, Supergoop!’s Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream has become an integral part of our skin-care routine. It contains the hydrating and de-puffing elements of a good eye cream, plus extra protection against UVA and UVB rays, as well as against blue light. Consider it one more way to counteract all those hours of staring at your phone. ($38, —Ashley Baker


Steamery Stockholm

Three Swedish friends were dissatisfied with the way modern man treated his sweaters: “Two generations ago, everybody knew how to take care of their clothes, but since then the tradition has been forgotten.” Martin Lingner, Frej Lewenhaupt, and Petra Ringström “wanted to bring it back.” In 2014, they started a line of monochrome steamers and fabric shavers. The newest iteration of their shaver—Pilo No. 2—is small enough to fit in a carry-on. Unlike lint rollers, it actually cleans your knits, thanks to a motorized razor that slices off fuzz and loose threads. ($60, —Jensen Davis

Issue No. 142
April 2, 2022
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Issue No. 142
April 2, 2022