Jeanne Damas began her career in fashion as an intern at Jean Paul Gaultier; the designer frequented her parents’ popular brasserie in Paris. The success of her fashion blog on Tumblr propelled her career as a model and influencer, and in 2016 she launched Rouje, a direct-to-consumer fashion brand. Today, Rouje is popular around the world for its take on Parisian style. To commemorate the brand’s fifth anniversary, Damas has published La Vie en Rouje, a scrapbook of sorts that captures the brand’s look, feel, and ethos. Here, she shares her key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

App: Météo Paris, to know what to wear.
Bag: A basket bag, in both summer and winter.
Bedtime: 10 p.m., if I’m not out. Mom life …
Bike: The ugliest one possible, so it won’t get stolen in Paris.
Birthday: My 30th, in March. I will spend it with my friends and family in the sun.
Boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who knows that perfection doesn’t exist.
Breakfast, weekday: Coffee and tartines with salted butter.

Fun and loyal.

Child: Mine.
Cocktail: Pastis in the summer, and red wine in winter.
Date: When it is unexpected.
Dinner, weekday: Cheese with jam and red wine.
Dress: A wrap dress.
Drive: In Tuscany.
: A road trip with my imperfect boyfriend.
: “It’s the baby … ”

Hideaway: An island in Brittany.
: D’une Île, in the Perche.
Jacket: An oversize Jacques from Rouje.
Movie: Something from Almodóvar.
Nonfiction book: Just Kids, by Patti Smith.
Pet: Charlie, my cat.
Podcast: La Poudre, by Lauren Bastide.
Restaurant: Clamato, in Paris.
Shoes: The Celeste boots, by Rouje.
Singer: Christophe.
Television series: Sex and the City.
Vacation: Off-season, on the beach.
View: The rooftops of Paris in the blue-gray light.
Wake-up time: Early.

Jeanne’s Essentials

Clockwise from top left: a Dragon Diffusion basket bag; Just Kids, by Patti Smith; D’une Île, in the Perche; Rouje boots; Penélope Cruz in Pedro Almodóvar’s 2006 film, Volver.