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United Palace

Manhattan’s most beautiful theater is not in Times Square, as you might have thought. It’s farther uptown, in Washington Heights. Built in 1930, the United Palace serves as a place to watch plays, movies, and live music, as well as to attend church services. It’s worth going just to see the ornate interior design—a New York Times reporter described the red velvet chairs and high gold ceilings as a “kitchen-sink masterpiece.” Last weekend, the United Palace partnered with Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Washington Heights native, to kick off its post-coronavirus reopening. Throughout the spring, the theater will play films that the community selected. They range from Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing to Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, and feature introductions by, and post-film talks with, esteemed guests. ( —Gracie Wiener


The Seated Queen

You could be forgiven for hearing the words “cold cream” and picturing your grandmother’s vanity. But this Wiltshire, United Kingdom–based skin-care brand wanted to capture the old-school glamour of 1930s beauty cabinets and Parisian pharmacies with its version of the moisturizer. (It does feel cold when it’s applied.) Founded by sisters Josephine and Libby Banks, the Seated Queen makes cold cream that works as a cleanser, a mask, and a moisturizer. It’s both organic and vegan, packed with rose-hip and argan oils, and includes vitamin E. The glass packaging is minimalistic, in keeping with the brand’s less-is-more ethos. ( —Bridget Arsenault


Detox Me

A few weeks ago, an Instagram account I follow posted a graphic urging people to stop using shampoo and conditioner—altogether—because many brands use carcinogenic chemicals in their products. Be that as it may, I will keep washing my hair. The post did, however, prompt me to download Detox Me, an app that offers a few modest goals to help you slowly decrease the amount of chemicals you may be absentmindedly using. Created by Silent Spring Institute, a research group that looks at the link between chemicals and breast cancer, the app breaks down your life into six categories: children, clothing, food and drink, cleaning, personal care, and home. Pick an area, scroll through the tips, and click Take Action on the ones you wish to pursue. For now, I will swap my plastic food containers for glass ones and buy fragrance-free detergent. And I’ll do it with shiny hair. ( —Jensen Davis


Film Forum Presents

Since 1970, Film Forum has offered excellent film programming in the West Village. Since 2019, they’ve offered well-curated conversations and Q&As with filmmakers, actors, and critics on their podcast. With Film Forum Presents, the theater uploads audio of their pre-screening, in-theater talks (both recent conversations and ones from their archive). Somehow, they sound like they were recorded in a studio—there’s no muffled conversations or feet shuffling in the background. Guests have ranged from Errol Morris and Werner Herzog to Robert Downey Sr. and Elisabeth Moss. One of my favorite recent episodes features Rob Garver, director of What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael, discussing his documentary with the film’s composer. Working with his subject’s child to get biography rights sounds more pleasant than I would have imagined. ( —Jensen Davis



Breaking news: New York City experienced 70-degree weather this week. It served as a siren song for the city’s most stylish: neeeewwwww sprriiiiiing dressssss. Shopping for one is an annual rite of passage, and, with the heat wave, there’s now no need to hold back. Our pick is this slinky little Bahia shirtdress from Jacquemus. (It was once available only as a mini, but the dear designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has made a slightly longer version for those of us who can’t pull off the same looks as Gigi Hadid.) The shade of orange captures the season’s jubilation and adds something new to our closet full of neutrals. While the neckline is open, it’s no cause for alarm—a slim tank underneath does not detract from the overall exuberant effect. Wear it to attend the theater, or just to walk down the street. ($740, —Ashley Baker


Dr. Barbara Sturm

Have you pampered your scalp lately? Consider taking up the habit, because a little attention goes a very long way to combat the negative effects of air pollution and heat styling. Use Dr. Barbara Sturm’s newish Scalp Serum. It contains ingredients like algin and papaya extract, which not only hydrate but also soothe irritated skin. (There’s even some extract from the Indian kino tree, purported to have anti-aging properties.) But enough with the science. We’ve been applying it before bed, and it turns out our scalp enjoys serum just as much as our face does. ($100, —Ashley Baker

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March 12, 2022
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Issue No. 139
March 12, 2022