“I think we’re rushing in before we even really know what electricity is.”
—Irina Mooney (

“My gas car can go forward and reverse. Can electric cars do that?”

—Ellie Slater (Interior Designer)

“It’d be disrespectful to the troops not to use the gas they died for.”
—Hank Garcia (

“Gas has more protein.”

—Mateo Alves (Personal Trainer)

“The power strip I use for charging devices is already too crowded.”
—Chantelle Miller (

“It’s in the Constitution.”

—Emmett Hatfield (Hot-Dog Vendor)

“I’m not entirely sure Texas’ electricity will be around much longer.”
—Greg Abbot (
Governor, Texas)

“Torque. There’s either not enough or way too much. I forget.”

—Mike Torre (Gaffer)

“We need a purpose to invade these Middle Eastern countries.”
—Sean Stevens (
Military Contractor)

“I’m waiting to skip electric and go straight to nuclear.”

—Jillian Grunenburg (Librarian)

“I’m not really sure why, but I regard it as an existential threat to my entire way of life.”
—Gary Tovar (

“What’s not to love about gas? Everybody loves gas! I’m actually married to gas and have six beautiful gas children! Buy more gas!”

—Michael Wirth (CEO, Chevron)

“I’m not sure electric cars will blow up as cool in movies.”
—James Vera (
Small-Business Owner)

“Talking about gas prices with people makes me feel like I’m a part of something.”

—Gus Tanner (HR manager)

“I can’t kill myself by running an electric car in my garage.”
—Nuncio Quintero (
Pediatric Nurse)

“Elec-tri-ci-ty? Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me.”

—Harris Silva (Cobbler)

“My job is 40 miles away and I don’t own an extension cord that long.”

—Susan Park (Accountant)

“The toxic waste from the batteries is nice, but electric cars have a long way to go before they’ll match the destructive power of gas vehicles.”
—Darren Addams (

“They aren’t reliable, like OPEC and the Saudi royal family.”

—Nathan Thrall (Welder)

“You can’t huff electricity.”
—Darren Hammond (
Store Clerk)

“Here in New Jersey, they won’t let you plug in your own car.”

—Luke Caden (Teacher)

“Gas cars just fuck better.”
—Lawrence Garrison (

“If I have to use my car to go about my awful life every day, I can at least take the rest of the planet down with me.”

—Mitch Gilly (Foreman)

“I have an alliance with the Saudis.”
—Jim Patron (

“I have been complaining about high gas prices for the past 35 years and wouldn’t really know what to do with myself if I stopped.”

—Henry Dalton (Cook)

“I’m worried we’ll deplete the Earth’s finite supply of electricity.”
—Hassan Khan (
Accountant )