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Acme Atelier

Stylish but subdued, a kilt may be the perfect fall skirt. Luckily, Acme Atelier’s founder, Andrea Chappell, knows an awful lot about kilts. She trained at Keith Kilt and Textile Centre in Scotland (in addition to Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art), to master the complicated art. For her bespoke tartans, Chappell designs the cloth, oversees the mill-weaving process, and even registers the finished product with the National Archives. Coordinating an order requires heavy lifting, and we’d rather leave that to Old Stone Trade, an online marketplace started by Melissa Ventosa Martin. They enlisted Chappell to drum up a sublime, limited-edition, checked-tweed, Scottish box-pleat kilt. It takes six weeks to make, but fall has barely arrived, and winter is long. Quality and longevity in a garment is never an expedient process. We’re willing to wait. ($1,750; —Ashley Baker


Dr. Dennis Gross

It might sound basic—or even contradictory—but with cold weather and dry skin incoming, the Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment is key to keeping a summer glow. Creams and oils work only if they can permeate the skin’s barrier. Soaked in a cocktail of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids, these towels slough off that top layer of dry or dead skin in preparation for deep moisturizing. Plus, Dr. Dennis Gross has succeeded in creating the one product that actually deals with ingrown hairs. Use once a week and stock up while you can still get your hands on them. ($16, —Clara Molot


Evolutions in Bread

Ken Forkish is my one and only bread-baking guru. I first encountered him at his legendary institutions, in PortlandKen’s Artisan Bakery and Ken’s Artisan Pizza. His award-winning cookbook, Flour Water Salt Yeast, later became my road map to mind-blowing sourdough loaves at home. Friends and family thought I’d become a bread-baking mastermind, but it was all Forkish. No one else provides as clear or precise or foolproof a method. This year, he shocked friends and customers by selling his restaurants and moving to Hawaii. What sounded like a midlife crisis turns out to have been a clever reboot. Forkish just published a revamped guide called Evolutions in Bread, which streamlines and expands his original approach without sacrificing any of the finesse or artistry. I’ve already tried four of the new recipes, including a stunning multi-grain pan loaf, and, once again, everyone thinks I’m a genius. ($35, —Mark Horowitz


Maison Francis Kurkdjian

If you have spent even a millisecond on the beauty side of TikTok, you know there is one perfume the masses want: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540. Fans swear that the scent, supposedly worn by Rihanna, smells like money (in a good way). But Gen Z’s focus on Baccarat Rouge 540 has obscured Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s other gems. Their newest fragrance, 724 Eau de Parfum, is inspired by the clean, geometric lines of New York City skyscrapers. It’s a blend of musk and floral notes with a fresh finish. You can wear it from work, to cocktails, and through the early morning. ($275, —Gracie Wiener



In Ti West’s slasher film X, Mia Goth stars as Maxine, an aspiring actress who treks to a farm in rural Texas with her boyfriend and a film crew to shoot a porno. The movie, set in 1979, quickly becomes a bloodbath. The Texas farmer and his wife, Pearl, are horny but too old to do anything about it. Sexual frustration turns into a killing spree that leaves doe-eyed Maxine the lone survivor. Secretly, Goth and West had written a prequel and shot it simultaneously. In Pearl, which just hit theaters, it’s 1918 and Pearl (played by Goth) is still living on that Texas farm and still very horny, but she’s now young. As in X, the bloodshed is as well choreographed as it is grotesque. ( —Jensen Davis



There’s a lot to like coming out of Prada HQ this season, especially the embellished-muslin skirts and dresses. But we’re starting with this mixed-media fit-and-flare number because it’s the kind of little black dress that always deserves a prime position in one’s wardrobe. With a full, knee-length skirt (made of Prada’s environmentally friendly Re-Nylon fabric) and a knit top with elbow-skimming sleeves, this dress manages to provide a bit of coverage while remaining festive. Layer on some jewelry, such as matching gold bracelets, and it’s even ready for a cocktail party. Though the fire will be roaring, there’s likely to be a chill in the air—especially this winter. ($2,950; —Ashley Baker

Issue No. 169
October 8, 2022
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Issue No. 169
October 8, 2022