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It’s not coat weather—yet—but a warm layer will soon be in order, especially as fall nights grow increasingly chilly. Zegna has an inspired solution in its pure cashmere overshirt. It will not be mistaken for a basic button-down anytime soon—in addition to the top-notch quality of its cashmere, the shirt’s tailoring brings the whole concept up quite a few notches. (Don’t miss the elegant elbow patches.) It comes in a vicuña shade of camel as well as in teal, dark-green, and midnight blue. Don’t fret about choosing the perfect color, because they all work with almost any outfit you can throw at them. ($1,895; —Ashley Baker


Graphic Life

Some people may subscribe to the idea that bad design is more noticeable than good design, but then those people are not familiar with the work of Michael Gericke, who for 40 years (much of it at the legendary Pentagram) has been creating designs that help navigate people around both places and ideas. His work can be found in hotels, airports, and terminals (he did the remarkable signage for the newly opened Moynihan Train Hall, in New York), all in service of what is now called “wayfinding.” He knows how to do a mean poster as well. Printed by Images Publishing, Graphic Life is a thoughtful and revealing book, not to mention wonderfully designed. ($70, —Jim Kelly



Thanks to the tireless work of the people scanning Zillow, the online real-estate marketplace, there’s an Instagram account devoted to the Web site’s most peculiar and particularly garish listings. Since last winter, Samir Mezrahi has posted slideshows of these homes, shacks, apartments, and palaces on the account @zillowgonewild. Recent highlights include a North Carolina mansion with an indoor pool and front-lawn shrubbery clipped to look like a halved avocado, and a Menifee, California, house with a fully furnished apocalypse bunker in the backyard. The account’s 1.2 million followers have learned that a surprising number of homes feature dungeons. As it turns out, dungeons are often carpeted. (@zillowgonewild) —Jensen Davis


Small Town News KPVM Pahrump

You could be forgiven for not knowing about Pahrump, Nevada. Located 62 miles west of Las Vegas, the small desert city of fewer than 40,000 has typically been known for its legal bordellos, such as the Chicken Ranch. But now, with the release of HBO’s new six-part documentary series, Small Town News KPVM Pahrump, it may become notable for having one of the last independently run television stations in America. Think WKRP in Cincinnati meets The Mary Tyler Moore Show with some Gunsmoke sprinkled in—only in real life. A love letter to the dying form of local journalism, the show chronicles the station’s uneasy attempt to expand into the Las Vegas market while continuing to serve its small community. There’s humor, conflicts between the business and news divisions, and even a singing weatherman. We tend to forget the importance of local news outlets. Small Town News KPVM Pahrump is here to remind us. ( —Jacob Robbins



Some fashion-lovers, romanced by thoughts of trenches and tweeds, welcome the advent of fall. We’re not quite there yet, but at least this time of year signals that a new handbag is absolutely necessary. Or as absolutely necessary as these things can be. We are no longer able to resist the charms of Gucci’s Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag. (Probably because we’ve seen the trailer for House of Gucci at least a dozen times.) This beauty first emerged on the scene in—you guessed it—1955, but it’s aged even better than most wines. The color blocking, the textured leather, the contrasting trim … we’re here for all of it, especially since the earthy colors lend themselves so perfectly to a fall wardrobe. ($2,850; —Ashley Baker

June 17, 2014 -Twenty years ago, The O.J. Simpson ”white Bronco” chase captivated the nation and was watched by 95 million TV viewers nationwide. O.J. Simpson was arrested in 1994 on charges of killing his ex-wife and her friend, until he was acquitted 15 months later. PICTURED: June 17, 1994 - Highway Patrol cars give chase to OJ SIMPSON’s white Ford Bronco on the 91 freeway westbound, driven by friend A.C. Cowlings. When he returns to his home on Rockingham, Simpson is taken into custody.

History of the 90’s

For a few months in June 1994, O. J. Simpson and Erik Menendez were neighbors. Erik and his brother, Lyle, had shot their parents dead in the family’s Beverly Hills mansion five years earlier. On June 17—while 23-year-old Erik sat in his Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail cell, awaiting a re-trial for his murder case—O.J. began fleeing from police in a white Bronco. Forty-five-minutes later, the police arrested Simpson on murder charges and brought him to the cell next to Erik’s. Kathy Kenzora details both men’s murders—and offers the tidbit about that brief connection—in her podcast History of the 90’s. In each episode (56 and counting), Kenzora looks at one of the decade’s biggest events or trends. She has many killings to cover—Columbine, the Oklahoma City bombing, those of the Unabomber—but she also looks at the decade’s lighter moments—boy bands, Beanie Babies, rave culture. As someone born in 1997—alive for the final few years of the decade but not quite conscious—I found it an excellent crash course in cultural history. ( —Jensen Davis

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