There are many natural wonders in Andalusia, the sprawling region along the southern coast of Spain. But one of the most alluring is the Sierra Morena, a mountain range that stretches along 280 miles of the border with Extremadura and CastillaLa Mancha.

One of the best ways to experience it includes a stay at Trasierra, a family finca that has been home to the Scott family since newlyweds Charlotte and Nicholas decamped there from London in the late 70s. Now it’s a regular pit stop for the stylish set, and its offerings have recently expanded, as the property now serves as a base camp for George Scott Riding Safaris, a project created by the couple’s son.

The welcome dinner at Trasierra.

George began riding as a boy, traipsing through the streets of nearby Seville, and now he’s inviting adventurous travelers along for the ride. His three- and five-day excursions begin with an evening spent at the finca before taking off into cattle and bridle routes, through rivers and forests. Expert horsemen accompany each step of the journey. One’s luggage, however, will stay behind until it is squired—by car—to the evening’s accommodations.

Strong riding skills are a prerequisite to the experience, and guests will be matched with appropriate horses and provided with either English or Western saddles, along with a smart poncho. There are only 12 spots available for each excursion.

In the ruins of an old olive mill, dinner awaits.

Although approximately five hours a day are spent on the trail, there are plentiful breaks for jamón and sherry. Picnic lunches are hauled up the mountainside by horse and carriage, and served in majestic locations.

Food along the route is provided by Gioconda Scott, George’s sister—a renowned chef who studied under the Argentinean master Francis Mallmann. The menu is traditional, and delicious—sizzling tortillas, chorizo sausages, and steaks.

Sleeping quarters have plenty of romance but also modern amenities.

The second night will find riders at the Taramona farmhouse, where they will enjoy a candlelit dinner under the olive groves. From there, the remaining accommodation will be in Rajasthani tents in the forest, fashioned after the structures that George discovered during his long stays in Jaipur. But the camping-averse have no reason to fear—the tents are equipped with anything one might need, from dressing tables and linen sheets to cologne and handmade soaps.

Elena Clavarino is an Associate Editor for AIR MAIL