It wasn’t all that long after Rebecca de Ravenel launched her jewelry-and-accessories collection, in 2015, that her signature earrings—Les Bonbons—were gracing the ears (and dusting the shoulders) of stylish women all around the world. Lightweight, brightly colored, and made of silk thread, they turned de Ravenel into a style star, and within a few years she launched a popular ready-to-wear collection. The designer grew up between the Bahamas and Paris, but she now lives with her young son in Los Angeles. Herewith, she shares her key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

Airline: Singapore Airlines.
: At the moment, any airport will do.
Alibi: “I’m walking the dogs.”
App: Shopify.
: Man Ray, Rothko, Claude Lalanne.
: Anything straw.
Beach: Clifton Bay, in the Bahamas, where I grew up.
Bedtime: Early.
Birthday: August 6.
Breakfast, weekday: Black coffee.
Breakfast, weekend: Green juice and pain au chocolat.
Car: I have my eye on a 1971 Range Rover “Suffix A” Convertible.
Child: My son, Charlie.
Cocktail: Ron Zacapa rum, tonic, and lime.
Cocktail appetizer: Smoked salmon.
Couple: François and Betty Catroux.
Date: A drink and a boogie.
Dinner, weekday: On the go.
Dinner, weekend: Ideally, by the sea.
Disguise: A stroller and sneakers.
Drive: I prefer someone else to do that …