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King Richard: Nixon and Watergate—An American Tragedy

The nation has not voted for a boring Republican president since Hoover (I like Ike), and the best of the worst of them turns out to be Richard Nixon. That may be why as distinguished a writer as Thomas Mallon wrote his mesmerizing 2012 novel, Watergate, a fictionalization that is a dead ringer for the truth, and Leon Neyfakh, a journalist who was born 11 years after Nixon resigned, dedicated the first season of the podcast Slow Burn to the scandal as well. Now Michael Dobbs has produced a rollicking narrative history of the first 100 days of Nixon’s second term—the break-in, the cover-up, the investigation—that manages to be searing, humane, and addictive. Yes, it helps that more seemingly likable successors such as George W. Bush and Donald Trump did far more lasting global damage than Nixon did, but that makes Nixon’s transgressions all the more fathomable and fascinating. ($30, —Alessandra Stanley


Escapod TOPO2

As we find ourselves in the midst of a road-trip renaissance, there is perhaps no better embodiment of that wanderlust than the Escapod TOPO2, billed as “the best damn camper known to man.” Founded in 2016 by outdoor enthusiasts with an appreciation for the sleek lines of classic teardrop trailers, Escapod has recently unveiled this, its latest eye-catching model. Built for off-road durability from a single-piece, composite-fiberglass shell, the TOPO2 also features a queen-size bed, a heated “mudroom,” and beautiful Baltic-birch cabinetry. The galley—lit by dimmable, warm L.E.D.’s—rivals many home kitchens, with a large Ruvati sink, an Eno two-burner stove, and an ARB 63 fridge-freezer. The shockingly compact unit also comprises a 21-gallon water tank, 100-amp-hour solar-powered lithium battery, and climate-control system. So climb inside and drift to sleep beneath the stars without giving that faraway, five-star option a second thought. ($39,500; —David Foxley


Celine Homme

Some might argue that we’re in the thick of sandals season, but city dwellers know that a good sneaker is always in high demand. Celine Homme has introduced a new line of men’s trainers from the brand’s Teen Night Poem collection. The entire assortment delivers high style, but our favorite is the CT-03 High Sneaker in optic white. The round-toe shape ensures maximum comfort while complementing pants and shorts of all varieties. One would be hard-pressed to find a better-looking means of insulating one’s feet from the city streets. ($850, —Ashley Baker


MaryJane Claverol

A good—and packable—hat is hard to find. Which is why we’re so gaga for MaryJane Claverol’s cotton-canvas styles, which provide equal parts sun protection and a little bit of joy. This yellow-and-white gingham style is just the thing to pair with breezy dresses and poolside ensembles, and the handy tie ensures that it won’t fly away in the wind. Importantly, the full coverage will also keep our dermatologist happy. Still, sunscreen is required! ($199, —Ashley Baker


Charvet x Thorsun

Charvet, the temple of shirting and fabrics run with such charm by siblings Anne-Marie and Jean-Claude Colban on the Place Vendôme, in Paris, has entered into its first capsule collection, with the men’s-swimwear designer Thorsun, which was granted access to the house’s exclusive patterns and handsome materials. The resulting trunks will make you the most stylish man on the beach, whether you’re on the Riviera, in the Rockaways, or just relaxing in your own backyard. ($395, —Michael Hainey


Roman Walking Tour

When in Rome, there are ample excuses to indulge in the culinary arts. But should one want a more detailed perspective on its cuisine, agriculture, home cooking, and the personalities behind all of them, allow Katie Parla and her talented team of tour guides to show you around some of the city’s most delicious spots. Parla, a journalist and author, takes great pride in sourcing off-the-beaten-path restaurants and purveyors to share with her audiences on Instagram, YouTube, and her popular blog. Her walking tours, which cover everything from craft beers to cocktail culture, to the food scenes of specific neighborhoods, generally last around three hours, and our recent exploration of the markets and restaurants in Prati and Trionfale was among the most enjoyable—and caloric—parts of our visit to the Eternal City. Book well in advance, as the masses are returning. ( —Ashley Baker

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July 17, 2021
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