For Coco Fennell, the 33-year-old British fashion designer who founded her namesake collection of retro-inspired, colorful, and mood-lifting dresses a decade ago, the idea of pursuing a creative profession was genetically inevitable. “My mom always kind of worked in clothes in one way or the other, and my dad is a jewelry designer. It’s sort of always been in my DNA, I suppose,” she says, Zooming in from her East London studio. Her hair is a shock of turquoise blue.

In addition to her mother, Louise, who has also written two novels, and her father, Theo, whose fan base includes Elton John and Madonna, there’s Coco’s older sister by two years, Emerald—best known to some for her role as Camilla Parker Bowles in the television series The Crown, and to others for her Oscar-winning screenplay for the 2020 film Promising Young Woman (which she also directed).