When I meet the writer, artist, and trend forecaster Emily Segal poolside at her apartment complex in Los Feliz, she thoughtfully brings out miniature cans of bubbly water and green tea for us to sip in the breezy sunshine. You might look at the two of us and say we are “doing the memes” of an L.A. interview, just as “doing the memes of a Berlin summer would be drinking beer in the middle of a field and staying out for 18 hours on ecstasy,” as the narrator of Segal’s debut novel, Mercury Retrograde, explains it.

Segal is best known for co-founding K-Hole, the New York art collective and trend-forecasting agency that coined the viral term “normcore,” originally used to describe a philosophy of “opt[ing] into sameness” but widely interpreted in fashion terms as “dressing like Jerry Seinfeld.”