When Air Mail launched 100 issues ago, one thing seemed relatively certain: the millennial generation was going to be a recurring source of comic interest. There was something journalistically irresistible about the assumed fragilities, work-life-balance expectations, and Bushwick sensibilities (avocado toast, artisanal beer, micro-aggressions, tattoos, steampunk beards) of twentysomethings raised by their helicopter parents to expect a prize for accomplishments like getting out of bed.

The joke, as it turned out, was on us. Half the staff of Air Mail is under 30, and none of them come close to the cohort’s stereotype. Julia Vitale, 28, who came via Vanity Fair, isn’t just an editor; she is a petite, Italian-born brainiac who works around the clock, steering the book reviews, culture section, and arts features while simultaneously editing two newsletters, the Wednesday Week in Culture dispatch and the Thursday Book Report.