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The Shorts

Weekend Max Mara

Weekend Max Mara has become our go-to purveyor of basics. We don’t trust just anyone where shorts are concerned, and this design team is not messing around. The cotton-linen Visino style has sharp pockets, a single pleat, and a modest length. But the straight-leg cut and elegantly high waist ensure that they don’t look like something your mother may have worn in the 90s. They come in both navy and a warm white—we recommend both. ($250,—Ashley Baker

Waleed Zuaiter in Baghdad Central

Baghdad Central

A British critic described Baghdad Central as film noir in the desert, and it’s pretty apt: a murder investigation takes place in Iraq right after the U.S. invasion, and the most twisted rivalries are not between Sunni and Shia but between Americans and their British coalition allies. The story centers around a former Iraqi police detective who, while trying to find a missing daughter, gets recruited—shanghaied, really—to work for occupation forces inside the Green Zone. As thrillers go, this one lies somewhere between a Bernie Gunther book by Philip Kerr and Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. ( —Alessandra Stanley


Amsterdam + eBike

The purchase of a single-speed bike always comes with a question: Will I ever want more gears on this bike? The answer for me has always been yes, but the draw of the worry-free simplicity of a single speed has held me back. Fortunately and finally, Lekker Bikes has solved the dilemma with an easy answer: meet the Amsterdam + eBike, a no-frills single-speed bicycle that has a battery tucked quietly into its frame, saving you the time of switching gears, and giving you speeds of up to 55 m.p.h. Perfect for commuters. (Pre-order, —Alex Oliveira


Maude Smith Tea Towels

Maude Smith is a bit of a design-arts polymath—she makes clothing, paints furniture and murals, and styles photo shoots, to name just a few of her talents. She also makes and sells stunning wares for the home, including tiles, embroideries, and cards, all of which can be found on her Web site. Taking inspiration from William Morris, whom she has named a personal hero, and from medieval and folk art, her creations are whimsical studies of the outdoors, botany, pattern, and craft. Our favorites are the tea towels, dated with the year and differentiated by categories, such as dog breeds, mushrooms, sheep, and birds’ eggs. Each features lovely, delicate illustrations of species in their respective group—a delightful addition to any home. ($14, —Clementine Ford


Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer

There’s a lot to be said for the new Santa Monica Proper Hotel—the best hotel gym in the city, excessively comfortable beds, spacious terraces … but no amenity is quite as world-altering as the humble Conair steamer we discovered in our closet during a recent stay. It’s a marvel—within 75 seconds, it’s fully heated and ready for action. The steam is direct and consistent, it refrains from spitting droplets of water all over a blouse, and it can turn a rumpled mess into a fully pressed wonder in less time than it takes to listen to the latest Billie Eilish song. ($40, —Ashley Baker

The Tote

Marni Market

When Marni Market launched, in 2014, it was merely a way for the original brand—simply Marni—to celebrate its 20th anniversary. But it soon became an annual event of global pop-up stores featuring limited-edition collections inspired by city markets found all over the world. Home décor, from candlestick holders to tea trays, and even picnic baskets appear in the 2021 edition, and pieces tend to sell out within days of arriving at Matches. This green-checked tote, made of technical canvas, is in our shopping cart mostly because it will upgrade both grocery shopping and beachgoing. But all these pieces are winners. Do not delay! ($110, —Ashley Baker

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June 12, 2021
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Issue No. 100
June 12, 2021