Rolf Sachs is known for his hearty laugh, heady magnetism, and uncanny eye for aesthetics of all varieties. The eldest son of industrialist and photographer Gunter Sachs, Rolf has also inherited some of his father’s irrepressible charm. He grew up in Saint-Moritz and now lives and works primarily in Rome, where his interests range from photography and sculpture to large-scale installations and interior design. But when summer arrives, he is known to put on his pareu, decamp to St. Tropez, and take up an unofficial residence at Club 55. Naturally, he has a firm grasp on the good life. —Elena Clavarino

AIRPORT: Mustique Airport or Terminal 5 at Heathrow.
: A Stanley Fatmax.
: One who is mellow but naughty.
Cocktail: Stiff and sensuous.
Date: A hypnotizing discovery.
Diet: Intermittent fasting, with a pause of 16 hours daily.
Disguise: I’m always truthful.
Dress: With a twinkle in the eye.
Enemy: None.
Escape: With lots of friends or one love.
EXCUSE: “It’s already too late.”
Film: La Grande Vadrouille.
Flaw: Perfection needs flaws.
Friend: One full of spirit, character, sincerity, and love.
Head, guts, or heart: Always heart.
: One that’s not obvious—only emerging over time.
Lunch, weekend
: One that’s full of friends, joy, and laughter.
Novel: The Sorrows of Young Werther, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
pants: Only black jeans from Uniqlo.
Partner: A best friend, passionate and fun. As we say in my lingua, “Someone one can steal horses with!”

“Arrogance never cuts it.”

Restaurant: One that’s like home, with a little more zest.
Storm: One that ends with a passionate squeeze.
Time of day: When the night begins.
Toast: “A comedy with triumphs and disasters.”
Ultimate goal: Freedom.
Vacation spot
: My house in the Bavarian Alps.
: A love affair, evolving, with avid desire and something unexplainable.
: I have a love affair with the pencil.

Rolf’s Essentials

Clockwise from top: Sachs’s favorite writing implement; La Grande Vadrouille; Uniqlo jeans; Stanley Fatmax bag; the Bavarian Alps.