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The Dress


Prada collectors know that one exceptional black dress can do a lifetime of service. Every so often, it shows up in stores; great efforts (and expense) must be made to procure it. (We’ll leave the math to someone else.) This midi dress has it all: a wool that works for all seasons, an ultra-flattering silhouette, and even a jaunty—but not too jaunty—velvet bow and jeweled buttons. If, when faced with an important occasion, you find yourself wondering, “What to wear?,” this is always the answer. ($3,050;

The Bag

Simone Rocha

As a sign of our renewed optimism that life will soon require both dressing up and going places, behold Simone Rocha’s Perspex pearl bag. If Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring existed in accessory form, this would be it. We love it best with a simple black dress and flats, as anything this eye-catching deserves to truly stand out. But it’s also fitted with a crossbody strap, meaning that it is not strictly relegated to evening affairs. Welcome back, life. Welcome back, fashion. ($765,

The Sweater

Anna Quan

“Delayed” is not our favorite kind of gratification, but given how instantly Anna Quan’s pieces sell out, it’s time to be ahead of the curve. This Australian designer does (essentially) one thing—the thin-rib knit—but she does it very well. (The body-skimming sweater dresses are cozy but unforgiving, so we’ll be saving those for a bit later in the season.) Instead, get in on this sweater action. Made of 100 percent cotton and finished with a pointed collar and charming little buttons, it’s just the sort of thing to upgrade one’s weekend look. We like it best in white, but for those who are feeling festive, it also comes in lovely shades of lavender and sage green. ($240,

The Sunglasses

Le Specs

Life experience has taught us that we are allowed to own only one pair of designer sunglasses at a time. But! An eyewear wardrobe requires variety, which is why we lean on Le Specs for well-made, of-the-moment styles at a not-too-extreme cost. As we enter spring, we’re particularly enjoying our Carmito pair. Made of pale-pink acetate, they’re set in a very 90s rectangular frame—they may have been modeled after something seen on the cover of a teen magazine. Whatever the inspiration, we’re here for it. And if they’ve been sacrificed to the beach gods come September, well, it’s not a total tragedy. ($60,

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Issue No. 86
March 6, 2021
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Issue No. 86
March 6, 2021