One of the first ways we bonded as a band was by making collaborative surprise playlists to listen to in the van when we were on tour. We would pass around a laptop and have each person add a song at a time without seeing what others had already put on it, and then we’d burn a CD (it was that long ago!) and listen to whatever the outcome was. In one instance, the CD wound up featuring Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” three times in a row, and we laughed uproariously, realized we might have psychic powers, and decided we should probably be in a band together forever. Here is an updated version of that playlist, made up of songs we all love and three versions of “Kodachrome”!

Lake Street Dive is a multi-genre band whose latest album, Obviously, is out now. The record was produced by Grammy Award–winning producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Mike Elizondo