For nearly two decades, Real Time with Bill Maher has been among the political left’s preferred destinations for discussion, humor, and occasional outrage. Now, as the show returns to HBO for its 19th season, Maher finds himself contending with a much more business-as-usual version of Washington than he’s encountered in quite some time. Not that it’s tempered him—in the past few weeks, he has already mounted a vigorous defense of cannibalism fetishist Armie Hammer. Herewith, he reveals his key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

App: Burner phone. Because you never know …
: One a.m. It used to be four a.m., so I’m trying. Any earlier, I feel like a farmer.
: One that doesn’t come.
: Wake and bake. Anything.
Car: Tesla. I had the first model. It was like crawling into a spaceship. Glad it grew up.
: Don’t be ridiculous.
: Tequila and stevia soda on ice.
Cocktail appetizer: Food wrecks your buzz. What a stupid question.
Drive: Mulholland when you’re drunk. Wait, that can’t be right.
: Onstage and doing stand-up, out of town.