There’s little point in pretending that leisure travel is an inevitability, at least in the near term. But at some point, hopefully on the sooner side, the security lines will be teeming once again. When that happens, there’s yet another very good reason to finalize a trip to India—Jaipur in particular, where a spectacular new hotel has opened up in the center of the walled city, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019.

Inside the Neelam Suite.

The Johri is the second property created by Honawar Hospitality’s Abhishek Honawar and the Gem Palace jeweler Siddharth Kasliwal. It was originally a private home known as Lal Haveli, which was first occupied by Kasliwal’s ancestors in the 19th century.

After a nine-year renovation, it has reopened as a five-suite hotel designed by New York–based decorator Naina Shah, who also directs a couture-embroidery atelier. Each suite has its own look and spirit, and includes antique furniture, custom textiles, and artwork from Rajasthan to create an only-in-Jaipur experience.

The restaurant.

Among the Johri’s main attractions is its location, in the center of Johri Bazar, one of Jaipur’s best-known streets. Flanked by town houses painted in a riot of orange, pink, and terra-cotta, its commercial spaces are occupied primarily by jewelry designers, and it’s one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for accumulating baubles, both antique and new, as well as artisanal crafts.

But there are a few good reasons to stay—and dine—in. Yes, there’s a cozy cocktail bar, and the restaurant specializes in organic Indian fare. There’s a “high-chai” afternoon tea as well as yoga and meditation classes. Those recovering from a long day of shopping in the bazaar may merit an Ayurvedic massage. But best of all, the Johri delivers the feeling of being at home—someone else’s, that is. Haven’t we all spent enough time at ours lately?

Ashley Baker is the Style Editor for AIR MAIL