It’s been said that where words fail, music speaks. Who would not agree that we now need soulful music to lift our spirits and join us together more than ever? With that in mind, we have compiled this fun, eclectic playlist of songs that resonate joy and unity. “Losing My Edge” and “Candy,” for instance, are inspiring pre-show songs that Duff plays in his dressing room and at sound checks before rocking a Guns N’ Roses concert. Grace Jones’s “La Vie en Rose” invigorates Susan and fills her with excitement for Fashion Week happenings—it also hearkens back to her early Paris modeling days, while still sounding timeless and smart.

Duff McKagan is the bass player for Guns N’ Roses. He and his wife, Susan, host Three Chords and the Truth, on SiriusXM Radio, each Friday at 11 A.M. P.T.