Whether she’s socializing with Snoop Dogg, selling comforters at Kmart, or posting thirst traps on Instagram, Martha Stewart’s every move is followed with fascination. She first became a fixture in American homes nearly 40 years ago with the publication of her seminal cookbook, Entertaining. Now the impresario of a media empire with too many product lines to count, she is still exacting about the key components to the good life. On October 12, she published her latest cookbook, Fruit Desserts, and, on this occasion, she reveals her lesser-known fixations. —Ashley Baker

Airline: I like to fly JetBlue domestically and Emirates when traveling internationally.
Airport: Westchester County Airport. It’s very convenient when traveling to and from my home in Bedford.
: Apple’s Stocks, to check the latest on my portfolio.
Appliance: I love my Breville juicer. It’s my go-to to make my daily green juice.
Bike: My Peloton, for the effective workouts it provides.
CAKE: If I have to eat a cake, it has to be a moist, multi-layered coconut cake with seven-minute frosting.
: Mercedes-Benz.
Cocktail: The Martha-rita, which can be made with different fresh fruits like blood orange—and always fresh lime juice.
Cocktail appetizer
: Brioche toast with crème fraîche and a dollop of Ossetra caviar.
CRYSTAL: Baccarat. I love setting the table with their beautiful glasses and décor.
Drive: Riding through back roads anywhere.
Escape: I would never tell.
: My signature short-sleeve, quilted, down puffer vest. I call it “the new sweater.” It comes in many colors, so it’s very versatile.
LINENS: I have a few, depending on the time of year. I love Bellora and Sferra as well as the flannel linens from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s for the wintertime.
Nonfiction book: Anything about gardening and landscaping.

Novel: One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez.
: The one that is closest to me at that particular moment.
Podcast: Anything from NPR.
Restaurant: Sushi Yasuda, in Midtown Manhattan.

“When you’re through changing, you’re through.”

SHOES: Clergerie, the French brand that is known for their handcrafted footwear.
: Incorporating CBD is very important, so I have made that a priority in my skin-care routine.
: Eminem.
Spice: Saffron.
: Lemon.
Television series: Billions, on Showtime. I look forward to watching that weekly.
Time of day
: The early morning. It’s a great time to explore my farm.
Vacation: My trip to Egypt in the 1990s.
Wake-up time
: I’m an early riser. I wake up as early as four a.m. some days, including today.
Work of art: Locally, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Martha’s Essentials

Clockwise from left: Eminem; a Breville juicer; Martha Collection by Baccarat glasses; saffron; Clergerie derbies.