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The Edition 94

In 2018, India Whalley—a London-based interior designer and gallerist—ventured into a Parisian flea market, where she found an exceptional set of Murano glassware. From there, she began collecting lighting, ceramics, furniture, and tableware from around the world—some vintage and some sourced from independent designers—an exquisitely curated selection that inspired her to open a West London store, the Edition 94. While so many modern interior shops use a color palette that starts at white and ends with cream, this one is bursting with candy-cane-colored glasses, coiled candles in apricot and blush, and bright scallop-edged placements. ( —Bridget Arsenault


Azor Terschelling

Cycling is best enjoyed down the ancient roads of hilltop Provençal towns, or over the arched bridges of Dutch canals. But these days, the sweltering streets of wherever you happen to be trapped will have to do. Let the Amsterdam Bicycle Company’s Azor Terschelling, a timelessly designed and no-frills cruiser, fill your days with a much-needed helping of Old World charm. Available in men’s and ladies’ frames, the bike is perfect for anyone seeking escape from the confines of their living room/playroom/classroom/office. ($949, —Alex Oliveira


Doctor Foster

Emma and other Jane Austen novels provide irresistible templates for modern romantic comedies. But for viewers who prefer a darker look at love—V is for vengeance, not valentine—The Count of Monte Cristo is a far more satisfying prototype. Fitting that revenge-fueled mold, British television series Doctor Foster centers around Gemma (Suranne Jones), a dedicated small-town physician who begins to suspect that her adoring husband, Simon (Bertie Carvel), is having an affair. It would be wrong to reveal here how Gemma handles her suspicions, but some British reviewers have referenced Medea. ( —Alessandra Stanley


Estela and Frenchette

The Rink at Rockefeller Center is a bit of a dead zone these days, but the culinary impresarios behind Frenchette and Estela are doing their best to reverse that trend. Now you can reserve a table for up to eight people to enjoy the prix fixe fare alfresco, choosing between the restaurants’ different “picnic baskets”: Frenchette’s comes stocked with the likes of petite terrine de pintade and summer-corn vichyssoise, while Estela offers a selection of seafood that includes delicacies such as Duxbury gem oysters, Rosso cheese custard, and scallop crudo. Wine, cocktails, and other extras are available for an additional cost. But don’t even think about walking up—this meal comes with a side of well-enforced social distancing. ( —Ashley Baker

Issue No. 62
September 19, 2020
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Issue No. 62
September 19, 2020