Grim Milestones

  • This year is now the largest wildfire season recorded in California history, with more than 7,000 fire incidents.
  • Right now, the first-, third-, and fourth-largest fires in California’s history are all burning.

Natural Wonders, Ravaged

  • Number of trees destroyed in the Creek Fire in the Sierra National Forest (which contains giant redwoods): 150 million (equivalent to roughly two percent of all of the state’s trees).

Property Lost

  • Structures destroyed in the 2019 fires: 732.
  • Structures destroyed to date in the 2020 fires: 4,700.

Towering Economic Cost

  • Cost so far to the state of California: $80 billion (roughly equal to the price of eight of today’s World Trade Centers).

Overwhelmed Forces

  • Number of firefighters currently battling California wildfires: 16,000.
  • Number of firefighters in all of New York City: 11,000.