Todd S. Purdum takes in the Republican National Convention; Suzanna Andrews recounts the remarkable story of Daisy Bates, a force of nature of the civil-rights era; and Richard Rushfield considers the 28-year-old actress who has taken down multiple Hollywood moguls. All this and more, recorded for your convenience by Mat Laroche and Zoe Gahan.

The View from There

Todd S. Purdum asks what the real agenda was behind Trump’s rage-apalooza this week

Charlotte’s Web

Richard Rushfield wonders just how Charlotte Kirk, a 28-year-old actress, brought down some of Hollywood’s most powerful men

Bunga Bunga Is Back, Baby!

Joseph Bullmore questions how it is that Italy’s former prime minister and forever womanizer Silvio Berlusconi may be poised to retake power

Invisible Woman

Suzanna Andrews reveals the unbelievable life of Daisy Bates, one of the titans of the civil-rights era, who has been almost forgotten. Until now

Hardened Criminality, Part III

As the allegations against Ron Jeremy reach a, uh, climax, Eric Spitznagel ponders whether the former porn star will get what he wishes or what he deserves

Mean Girl

George Kalogerakis examines how Ellen DeGeneres faces accusations of, well, you name it