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The Day Dress

Vita Kin

Kiev-based designer Vita Kin has landed on the autumn version of the summer caftan. Her magnificent dresses have a lot more going on than the average cover-up, but the mission is similar: sublimely comfortable, throw-on-and-you’re-done, and yet full of serious style. Kin relies on the Ukrainian embroidery technique of vyshyvanka, working exclusively by hand in small workshops, to turn this lightweight linen frock into a thing of wonder, festooned with stars and flowers. The large Peter Pan collar and pin-tucked silhouette add even more interest and intrigue. ($2,025;

The Watch

Vacheron Constantin

It’s tempting to think that this watch, with its off-center face, was created as a reaction to these strange days—when everything looks off-balance, where even time itself seems to have slipped off its axis. In reality, this Vacheron Constantin has a more romantic—and utilitarian—origin. Back in 1921, automobile drivers in America were having a hard time checking their watches while driving, as their manual-steering cars demanded they keep two firm hands on the wheel. Constantin realized that by enlarging the face and rotating it 45 degrees, the watch would be not only easier to read but would “read” at 90 degrees on the driver’s tilted wrist. It’s a perfect example of how an everyday problem can, in the hands of an artist, lead to something beautiful, and timeless. ($43,100;

The Charmer

Sylvia Toledano

Sylvia Toledano specializes in jewels of the plucked-from-the-treasure-chest variety, crafted at her workshops, in Jaipur. Each piece makes a statement, and this charm necklace will ensure a robust conversation indeed. Toledano has a thing for talismans of all varieties: turquoise, coral, and malachite are just a few of the stones that appear in various configurations, such as a four-leaf clover, evil eye, and star. We’ll take all the luck we can get. ($349,

The Blouse


Made of crisp white cotton and finished with an elegant necktie, this sharp (but relaxed-fit) blouse from Self-Portrait was likely designed with These Times in mind. Its Zoom-friendly, vaguely academic attitude reminds us of that back-to-school sensibility that we’re sorely missing this year, while the lacy sleeves bring a bit of romance to the whole enterprise. Surely, we’ll be at least 50 percent more productive when working from home if we are properly dressed for the occasion? One can only hope. ($350,

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Issue No. 58
August 22, 2020
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Issue No. 58
August 22, 2020