Douglas McGrath calls out the Republican Party’s dismal record in choosing its leaders, Laura Neilson tries re-stocking her bar cart with a new alcohol-free option, and Ron Jeremy is back, filthy Crocs and all. Enjoy these stories and more, recorded for your convenience by Mat Laroche and Zoe Gahan.

The View from There

Douglas McGrath on why the G.O.P. makes a point of starting at the bottom

The Naked City

Sam Roberts, a veteran of the New York Daily News, recalls the paper’s action-packed and alcohol-soaked heyday

Hardened Criminality, Part II

Eric Spitznagel shows how Ron Jeremy’s dreams of Hollywood stardom dissolved and he joined the 1970s porn scene

Sobering Developments

Is it even drinking if there’s no alcohol involved? Laura Neilson investigates the trend of excessively responsible imbibing

House Envy

In Umbria, a collection of spectacular homes are now available to rent at Castello di Reschio

A Writer’s Editor

A longtime editor for Time magazine, Ray Cave brought ambition, wisdom, and wit to the job