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Cabana Capri/Gstaad

Now that I’m eating most of my meals at home, table linens have never been more important. Thanks to the wide selection at Moda Operandi, I’ve come across Cabana Capri–Gstaad just in time. This brand can be a little mysterious—even its Instagram account is private!—but I can speak to its impeccable work in the world of tabletops. The hand-embroidered place mats and napkins are a gateway drug to the rest of their rustic-meets-luxury offerings, which include drinking glasses with handwoven-straw holders, sturdy flatware with resin-rattan handles, and even a can holder made of woven sterling silver. Any old dish will taste better when served in style. ($200, —Ashley Baker



With gyms closed and workout classes canceled, a new breed of fitness enthusiast has emerged: the at-home exerciser. Founded in Italy in 1983, Technogym has long created clever equipment, but their new bike is different: it’s the company’s first product equipped with an interactive platform that allows the rider to cycle along to live classes hosted by the high-intensity London-based gym 1Rebel. If you’re competitive, like me, you can watch as you climb the leaderboard each class, or you can choose from the on-demand library and stream pre-recorded workouts, which means you don’t need to adhere to any schedule but your own. ($3,200; —Bridget Arsenault


Forgotten: Women of Juárez

A disturbing onslaught of femicides in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, brings Oz Woloshyn, a Peabody Award–winning journalist, and radio reporter Mónica Ortiz Uribe together in this haunting podcast. Since 1993, hundreds of women and girls have disappeared from the border town. Many worked at American factories; some were later found murdered, with bizarre symbols carved into their skin and their hands bound with shoelace. And despite the involvement of the F.B.I., the C.I.A., and the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, the crimes have remained unsolved. New episodes of this 12-part series air on Mondays, each chronicling harrowing details of corruption. ( —Elena Clavarino


Vinglacé Wine-Bottle Chiller

There are rules on how to be a good houseguest. No. 1: Don’t break anything. No. 2: Fend for yourself between meals. No. 3: Bring the hosts a present they like so much they ask you back again. This Labor Day weekend, when so many lunches and dinners will be held outdoors, help keep the rosé chilled with this sleek, clever wine cooler from Vinglacé that fits the bottle like a wetsuit and doesn’t require buckets, tongs, or ice cubes. ($90, —Alessandra Stanley

Issue No. 57
August 15, 2020
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Issue No. 57
August 15, 2020