Ron Jeremy’s ghostwriter explains why everything does have to be about sex, Ash Carter speaks with critic and writer Leon Wieseltier as he prepares for his post-#MeToo second act, and, as Anderson Cooper debuts his new baby on Instagram, David Kaufman looks at how some well-known gay fathers are making other like-minded men anxious. All this and more, recorded for easy listening by Mat Laroche, Zoe Gahan, and Nathalie Sorrell.

The View from Here

Alessandra Stanley wonders how a cosmetics queen became America’s best envoy

Taking—and Making—Liberties

Ash Carter sits down with Leon Wieseltier as he prepares his comeback in magazines—and answers his accusers

Red Bulls**t

Joseph Bullmore reveals how an heir to the Red Bull fortune has avoided murder charges. Until now

Hardened Criminality?

Eric Spitznagel lays bare how Ron Jeremy, the world’s most famous male porn star, stands charged with rape

From the Mariinsky, with Love

Matthew Gurewitsch explores the online extravaganza offered by St. Petersburg’s storied theater

Breeding Anxiety: Gay-Dad Stress Disorder

David Kaufman on why Anderson Cooper and other wealthy men are sparking an identity crisis with their surrogate babies