“When you are an active, athletic person living in a body that does not look like a traditionally athletic body, prepare yourself for skepticism, cynicism, and outright disbelief,” writes the author of such books as Good in Bed, Best Friends Forever, and In Her Shoes, later made into a movie starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine. Consider this a two-for-one: Weiner’s new book, Big Summer, out now from Atria, is the season’s perfect beach read. Meanwhile, Weiner knows that beach entertainment is only half the battle—you also have to feel comfortable in your skin. So that when people ask, “You do what? You rode your bike how far? You hiked for how long? You’ve done boxing, or HIIT, or boot camp, or barre? You?,” you can tell them, kindly and patiently, “Yes.”

“You will explain that you exercise because it keeps you healthy and it keeps you sane, and no, you aren’t actually trying to lose weight—you just like to move,” says Weiner. “And maybe, after the skeptics and the cynics and the outright disbelievers take their doubt elsewhere, someone in a body that does not look like a traditionally athletic body—a body that looks like yours—will sidle up and quietly ask, Could I do that, too? Yes, you will tell her. Yes, you can. And you will give her one of these books.”