Although he never formally studied shoemaking, Manolo Blahnik has been churning out some of the most interesting creations in the world since Diana Vreeland first saw his sketches, in the mid-70s, and encouraged him to pursue design. Within a few short years, Blahnik became one of fashion’s top talents, and in the decades since he has opened boutiques in far-flung style capitals at the behest of his ardent fans. (This includes you, New Yorkers—a new location on Madison Avenue is opening in the fall.) During isolation at his home in Bath, Blahnik has been developing cocktail recipes, cooking with abandon, and frequenting his favorite gardens and museums—virtually, for now. It’s no surprise that he has a refined take on the good life.
Ashley Baker

Airline: British Airways. I wish they would revive the Concorde …
App: Instagram.
Bag: A brown leather postman bag I designed myself.
Bedtime: Late, late, late.
Bike: I used to have an English Raleigh for years!
Birthday: I can’t stand birthdays.
Breakfast, weekday: Two slices of toast, with marmalade—the thick kind from Bonne Maman.
Breakfast, weekend: Porridge from Quaker Oats. I’ve been eating it since I was a child.