What is Antifa?, you may ask. A terrorist organization, according to Donald Trump. Any activity carried out by an extremist at any protest anywhere is committed by Antifa. Homeless people caught between a sit-in and the police? Antifa. Property damage caused by rebellious teens? Antifa. The Occupy movement? Antifa. Self-identified Nazis running over people with cars and spray-painting swastikas on tombstones? Somehow also Antifa. Solar flares? You guessed it. They know when you’re sleeping; they know when you’re awake. They know if you’re part of the international neoliberal cabal, so be afraid, be very afraid.

In reality, Antifa mostly remains an idea marked by the desire to dismantle Fascism while wearing a face bandanna. But despite its new terrorist label, three months into an epidemic that has required most of us to wear a bandanna on our face, Fascism seems alive and well. But if you can’t bring yourself to tell your paranoid uncle that his favorite bogeyman isn’t monitoring his every move, here are some tips to keep him from the truth about Antifa a little while longer.