We are all desperate for smart non-coronavirus, non-Trump content, and few are satiating that hunger better than Scott Galloway. The guy is inescapable. He’s officially a clinical professor of marketing at N.Y.U.’s Stern School of Business, where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing to second-year M.B.A. students. But there’s so much more: a twice-a-week podcast, Pivot, with Kara Swisher; a new show on Vice TV; a weekly blog, No Mercy, No Malice; and a second weekly podcast, The Prof G Show, launched in March. There are also two best-selling books: The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google; and The Algebra of Happiness, about the meaning of life. (The book followed a video he did on the same subject that went viral.) He’s a nearly ubiquitous presence on cable television, which can’t seem to get enough of the 55-year-old bald, straight-shooting former tech entrepreneur from California. When we speak, he tells me he’s about to be on CNN, Bloomberg, and PBS from his waterfront home, in Delray Beach, Florida.

Galloway is thriving amid the pandemic. “I don’t like to say this out loud,” he says, “but I’m sort of living my best life. I am podcasting, writing, and taping, and doing online classes pretty much all day. I’m actually a bit of an introvert, so this is a good time.” Asked whether this is, in fact, Scott Galloway’s moment, he demurs. “If that’s true,” he says, “that marks the moment as dysfunctional and desperate.” That string of sentences is exactly the reason listeners are hooked on Pivot—a mix of swagger that’s undershot with self-mockery, a rare combination for a Silicon Valley tech bro. On the show, he veers between complimenting Swisher for her “gangsta” thinking and then wondering if he is smart enough or if she has gotten too cocky.