Last Tuesday, on a typically blazing-hot Texas day, tens of thousands of people descended on downtown Houston, marching from Discovery Green park to City Hall in response to the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police. At one point, a group of about 40 black men and women broke through the mass on horseback, their animals gleaming in the sun as they trotted their way to the plaza.

Footage shared on social media that day captured the moment when these modern-day cowboys and cowgirls led their horses up a grassy rise to look down at the crowd, lifting their hands high in a Black Power fist, to the tune of the affirming whoops and hollers of their fellow demonstrators. This horse-riding assembly, most wearing masks and shirts screen-printed with Floyd’s face, was organized by Houston music-label executive Jas Prince, who is perhaps best known outside of Texas for having discovered the rapper Drake on MySpace in 2006.